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  • A Lost City Found Among The Coral Reefs Of The Pacific

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    A lost city found among the coral reefs of the Pacific, Nan Mandol is now ruins adjacent to the eastern shore of the island of Pohnpei that once was the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty until 1628 (Ayres et al. 1992). Recently, a research group from the Southern Methodist University led by Mark D. McCoy found the earliest direct evidence of monument building at Nan Madol (McCoy et al. 2016). This is a significant discovery that pushes back the initial age of dynasty in the Pacific over 100 years

  • Nest In The Wind Analysis

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    Martha Ward’s Nest in the Wind is the fascinating account of culture on the small island, Pohnpei in Micronesia. Ward is an American anthropologist from New Orleans who two years living on Pohnpei working on a blood-pressure research project and studying the culture of the island in the 70’s. She later returned for a shorter visit to the island to see how the culture had changed in the years she had been gone. Pohnpei is very different from western society in nearly every aspect of life, from how the people

  • Nest in the Wind Essay

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    all of the above 2. What was the nature of Ward’s study on Pohnpei? a. how matrilineal descent changed to patrilineal even before modernization. b. how fish and other ocean foods took over the diet, which lead to rising mercury levels. c. an

  • Nest in the Wind Essay examples

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    All the other events and mishaps were just coincidental. Many societies believe that jealousy and greed will lead to misfortunes. This show s that unity is a very important part of the Pohnpei culture. The unity and the respect required for the feast makes it effective in getting rid of the curse . During Sohn Alpet’s funeral we can see how Pohnpeins value the connection of the tribe.One example of this is the “women of Sohn alpets

  • Vaccination In Micronesia

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    For U.S. citizens to enter another nation there are some regulations that they must know. In all three countries, U.S. citizens will not need to have vaccinations to be able to enter (U.S. State Department). Additionally, I learned a safety method when traveling in a group, which is a counting system in each person, has a number for the whole trip. Thus, any time we would travel, we would count to make sure we have everyone together. We do this method to be able to know we all here and that no one

  • Chewing Tobacco Research Paper

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    Growing up in a society or on an island where men, women, and young teenagers drink alcohol and chew tobacco occasionally, it has always been a burden to me as I watch many lives being taken away through alcohol and drug use. Coming from Pohnpei, an island in the Federated States of Micronesia that has been known for its kava – a sludgy drink served in various forms, and its betel nut - a local chewing tobacco, I have witnessed many lives suffering from severe medical and economic complications such

  • The Call Of Cthulhu Research Paper

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    and are more then likely false, but a legend? Legends can sometimes be the truth, and legends never die. First lets take a look into the mind of H.P Lovecraft and his book "The Call Of Cthulhu". "The Call Of Cthulhu" was inspired by the island Pohnpei not the Pompeii that Mount Vesuvius erupted. This one is an island so tiny it is barley visible on google maps. In H.P Lovecraft's

  • Compare And Contrast The Federated States Of Micronesia

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    Pacific between Japan and Hawaii. FSM consist of over 4 islands and over 40 atolls with approximately 270 square miles of land and more than one million square miles of ocean in the Pacific. FSM consist of four states; Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae. Yap, Chuuk, and Pohnpei consist of both high islands and low islands, whereas Kosrae consist of only one high island (Jimmy, 1997, p. 15). The states of FSM are unique and diverse in many ways. Each island has its own tradition, customs, and languages

  • The Moai Statues of Easter Island: Rapa Nui Essay

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    culture is known. In other culture, monuments were built for a number of reasons, including religious, governmental, or personal motives, such as the Taj Mahal (Cothren & Stokstad, 2011, p.771). Nan Madol is located on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia. It was built between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries. On top of a coral reef built from black basaltic rock, it is a series of artificial islets. This complex was the ceremonial and political seat of the Saudeleur Dynasty

  • Marketing Orientation And Product Orientation

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    Introduction In recent years, with the economy era full challenge, marketing theory and practice are accelerating the pace of innovation. Marketing not only has widely exploited in the economy and society field, but also more and more enterprises constantly innovate new performance, new competitive, new brilliance in unprecedented enthusiasm. Therefore, diverse strategies are adopted by most firms to discover and meet the needs and desires of its customers (Jobber & Fahy, 2009). Marketing orientation