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  • Similarities Between Castor And Pollux

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    Castor and Pollux were twins born from a single egg, Castor was mortal while Pollux was immortal. The twins were always seen together, even at war. My sister and I are similar to Castor and Pollux because we spend any time that we get with each other. From anywhere in school to at home, we sit next to each other and we stay in our room together. I considered her to be both my best friend and sister. In one variation of the myth, the twin’s herd of cattle was taken by their cousins. Upon stealing

  • The Rape Of The Daughters Of Leucipus Analysis

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    is made of oil paint and was made by using a brush to paint the oil onto the canvas. The story being told here is about the Greek myth of two twin brothers named Pollux and Castor who kidnapped and married the daughters of King Leucippus. Two recognizable images are Castor, who is dressed in garb common for a horse tamer, while Pollux is completely nude. In the image, it is clear that the two daughters are being taken away against their will by the two men with their horses. The exact location of

  • Essay on IRP Notes Package: Allusion, Symbolism, and Motifs

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    great deal of sub-textual information. The following is an analysis of two of the more significant allusions. The youngest member of the trio of thieves that steal from the Luries and rape Lucy is named Pollux. This is likely an allusion to the Greek myth, Castor and Pollux. Castor and Pollux are half-brothers. Their myth involves in part the kidnapping and rape of the Leucippides, Phoebe and Hilaeira, who become pregnant as a result of the rapes. This aspect of the myth is very similar to the

  • Essay On The Legend Of Ponnivala

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    all of the gods except Artemis. Enraged, Artemis sends a giant boar to ravage the fields of Calydon. According to the Iliad, Oeneus calls on his son Meleager to organize a hunting party (which includes, interestingly, the twin warriors Castor and Pollux, Meleager's cousins). The boar is killed and the meat divided. However, Meleager's uncles are offended that he has given a greater portion to the huntress Atalanta, and after further combat Meleager kills them, which incites his own mother to curse

  • Art Script: Leda And The Swan

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    Script: Leda She is the mother of famous twin star, Pollux and Castor. Also, she bore Helen, the most beautiful mortal on Earth causing the great Trojan War. Leda appeared in one of Zeus’s affair, which the story is named “Leda and the swan”. The swan In this story the swan was the disguise of Zeus who was obsessed by his own passionate love for Leda. The reason of transforming is possibly to hide himself from his jealousy wife, Hera who often obstructed his affairs. The story of Leda and the swan

  • Femini Constellation Research Paper

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    fairly easy to spot in the night sky, although the best viewing month is in February. Stars Castor, Pollux, Alhena, Wasat, Clown Nebula, Tejat Posterior, M35, NGC 2372 all make up this constellation. Although not all of these star names are featured in the Gemini Greek myth, Castor and Pollux are. The myth goes like this: Gemini, the constellation of course, represents two twins. Castor and Pollux, although they do not have the same father. Pollux's father is Zeus, also known as Jupiter in Roman

  • A Comparison Of Ancient Greek Astronomy

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    astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century.The constellation represents the twins Castor and Pollux (Poly deuces), also known as the Dioscuri in ancient times, in Greek mythology. The Gemini twins are Castor and Pollux they are both handsome and adventurous they share the same mum Ledabut they have diff rent dads Castor's father is Tyndarus, the King of Sparta, and Leda's husband. Pollux's father is the god Zeus. As such, Pollux is an immortal while his twin brother Castor is mortal.Their sister is the beautiful

  • Lord Byron 's Disgrace And Power Relations Between Genders And Sexuality And Exploration Of Societal Restrictions Essay

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    Author J.M. Coetzee wrote the novel Disgrace in the year 1999. A work of blunt sexuality and exploration of societal restrictions, the book follows protagonist David Lurie, who is a professor of romantic literature at a university in Cape Town in a post-apartheid torn South Africa. The novel touches upon the growing idea of using carnal sexual desires to as a means to no longer feel perpetually unfulfilled and to show male dominance through David’s many affairs, and then contrasts and emphasizes

  • Gemini: The Meaning Behind The Greek Myth

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    the constellation of the Zodiac. It is located between Taurus to the west and Cacer to the east. It also lying between Auriga andLynx to the north and Monoceros and Canis minor to the south. The constellation contains 88 stars-the brightest star is Pollux, and the second brightest is Castor. The symbol of the Gemini constellation is ♊. There are many myths about the creation of the Gemini constellation-Hebrew, Chinese, Roman and more but in this essay I would like to tell the Greek myth. One night

  • Face Off

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    简介 Face/Off is a 1997 action film directed by John Woo, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The two both play an FBI agent and a terrorist, sworn enemies who assume the physical appearance of one another. 内容 The film exemplifies gun fu and heroic bloodshed action sequences, and has Travolta and Cage each playing two personalities. It was the first Hollywood film in which Woo was given complete creative control and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics. Eventually grossing $245 million