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  • The Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy

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    the truth. Over the past few decades, the problem of teen pregnancy has grown considerably in this country. It has been receiving a great deal of public and official attention recently, including expressions of concern from President Clinton and New Jersey's Governor Whitman (Schurmann 7). However, the most extensive dilemma regarding the issue of adolescent pregnancy is the incredibly important question of prevention. Preventing teen pregnancy includes such problems as the availability of birth control

  • The Prevention Of Teenage Pregnancy

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    Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy Becoming a parent can be a challenging situation even for the most prepared. However, if you are a teenager, it can be the biggest challenge of young adolescent life. Teen pregnancy can affect one physically, emotionally, as well as financially. The stress and pressure that comes with finding out your pregnant can be devastating. From finding the right words to tell your parents to finding ways to pay for the cost of having your baby and the ultimate pressure figuring

  • Adolescent Pregnancy: Prevention Levels

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    Adolescent pregnancy (part three) Having looked at the facts and figures around the issue of adolescent pregnancy, as well as discussing the various approaches that will be used and the stages that the research paper will be taking in the process of investigating the social challenge, and also the conceptual framework within which the research will function, it is prudent therefore to look at the various approaches to the intervention strategy to the social challenge. These are the different levels

  • Birth Control And The Pregnancy Prevention

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    themselves against unwanted pregnancies. Margaret Sanger is The Woman Rebel who, despite overwhelming opposition, pioneered the way for modern family planning and, more importantly, the female sexual revolution. The subject of birth control and the debate on whether birth control should be used is not a new subject. For centuries, women were using primitive and unsafe means of birth control to prevent pregnancies. Women had little education on the matter of pregnancy prevention. Many cultures were

  • Teenage Pregnancy Primary Prevention

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    Teen pregnancy is a current, ongoing issue within the United States. While the rate of women between the ages of 15-19 has dropped by 11%, this issue, as a whole, is still unresolved.1 Teen pregnancy costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year with increasing numbers in foster care and health care related expenses.1 I will propose three different prevention strategies that can be applied to this issue. Primary prevention is the first strategy I will elaborate on. Primary prevention is a method


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    Teen pregnancy has become an epidemic in the United States alone. The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the industrialized world. Each year, one out of three teenage girls becomes pregnant. Although teen pregnancy rates have dropped from 61.8 births per 1,000 in 1991 to 41.7 births per 1,000 in 2003, pregnancy rates in the U.S. still are declining at slower rates than those in other developed nations (Block et al., 2005. para,

  • The Prevention Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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    different types of contraception. This lack of access can lead to higher rates of teenage pregnancy and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers. The sexually active teenagers who have been given better access to contraception are less likely to become pregnant or contract an STD, in comparison to their peers who do not have access. With the prevention of teenage pregnancy, comes the prevention of future socioeconomic barriers and health issues. Currently, there are over nineteen

  • Tribal Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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    Tribal teen pregnancy prevention The Issue Nearly seven hundred and fifty thousand teens become pregnant every year. Out of that seven hundred and fifty thousand teens 36.2% of Native American teens are expected to be pregnant. Keep in mind Native Americans make up only 3% of the population but teen pregnancy is still higher than non hispanics. A reason this rate is expected may be the lack of education on sex and information of contraceptives. I know teen sex is frowned upon but reservation schools

  • Essay on Teenage Pregnancy and Prevention

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    and support teenage births. Although teen pregnancy has declined in the past, the United States is still number one out of all industrialized countries of teen pregnancies. Therefore, implementing an in depth sex education class covering parenting in schools will allow teens to fully understand he consequences of having protected or unprotected sex. All children deserve love and care from their parents. The United States has a higher rate of teen pregnancy than other countries because one is not

  • Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Essay

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    majority of teenage pregnancies, "more than four out of five", are unplanned ("Unintended Pregnancy Prevention"). Whether teenagers believe in common myths that they can't get pregnant the first time having sex or they truly believe nothing like this could ever happen to them, it happens to approximately seven hundred and fifty thousand teenagers in the United States each year. Although the birth control pill may not completely put an end to teenage pregnancies, it will decrease pregnancy rates among