Prenatal care

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  • The Effects Of Prenatal And Delivery Care On Mothers

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    same residence for at least a year before the birth of the child to ensure the proper matching of the mother with the state-level expenditure. Table 2 shows the distribution and use of adequate prenatal and delivery care by different population subgroups. The use of both adequate prenatal and delivery care is higher among mothers whose age at birth was in the 20–30 age group than among those who were younger and older. It is lowest among those above 30, but they constitute the smallest proportion

  • The Prenatal Care Model

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    Prenatal care is the preventative measure used by healthcare professionals to assess the health and wellbeing of a mother and her unborn child. It consists of various blood and urine tests, examination of the health history of the mother and her family, ultrasounds and other exams ("Prenatal Care Fact Sheet", 2012). This care gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to examine the fetus for any adverse complications that may have arisen, and address any issues that may have occurred within

  • Prenatal Care

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    earlier the beginning of prenatal care, the better the results. Within this scenario, we should highlight the importance of the nursing professional with regard to its performance, thereby emphasizing the activities related to prenatal care. For this reason, this work is intended to: analyze the scientific publications about the importance of nurses when providing prenatal care; identify the scientific publications about the importance of nurses when providing prenatal care; and describe the scientific

  • Prenatal Care In Prisons

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    The Federal Bureau of Prisons, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, the American Public Health Association, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Bar Association have all outlined minimal standards for pregnancy-related health care in correctional settings, and 34 states have established policies for prenatal care in the United States. Prenatal care for women in jail is shared between the medical staff in the prison and people in the data base

  • Prenatal Care: A Case Study

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    Beginning prenatal care within the first trimester is a critically important step in reducing poor birth outcomes. However, due to barriers to accessing care, many women in LSCC’s target population delay or forgo prenatal care altogether. The absence of access to a health home means that many pregnant women covered by Medicaid and CHIP present to the closest ED upon delivery, a situation referred to as a "no-doc delivery." These types of deliveries are less than ideal for the mother, baby, and clinician

  • Essay The Importance of Prenatal Care

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    The Importance of Prenatal Care Prenatal care is widely accepted as an important element in improving pregnancy outcome. (Gorrie, McKinney, Murray, 1998). Prenatal care is defined as care of a pregnant woman during the time in the maternity cycle that begins with conception and ends with the onset of labor. A medical, surgical, gynecologic, obstretic, social and family history is taken (Mosby's Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary, 1998). It is important for a pregnant woman as

  • Introduction Of Prenatal Care For Teenagers

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    Introduction to Prenatal Care for Teenagers Even though the teen pregnancy and birth rates have dropped by one-third over the past decade, teen pregnancy in the United States is a growing problem. According to data by the National Center for Health Statistics and other official data, one in three girls still become pregnant by the age of twenty. In the United States one million adolescent girls become pregnant every year causing the U.S. to be the leader of the developed world in teen pregnancy

  • Health Disparities Of Prenatal Care

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    health disparity is the lack of prenatal care amongst women in socially disadvantaged populations. These predominately include women of minorities, women who have a low income, and the location these women live in. This health disparity is important to address because research has shown that women who receive prenatal care are more likely to conceive babies of a healthy birth weight and have low infant mortality rates than those women who do not receive this prenatal care ("Putting Women 's Health Disparities

  • CNM: The Delivery Of Prenatal Care

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    performance, will be carried by the nurse manager. Delivery of prenatal care will be mainly performed by a team of CNMs and RNs. One CNM will be the primary care provider in charge of the complex cases presenting in the Prenatal Care Mobile. The scope of practice of the CNM allows patients to receive medical diagnoses and prescriptions that otherwise, could not be provided by a RN. A couple of RNs will be delivering most of the care for the uncomplicated patients, while also performing comprehensive

  • Prenatal Contraception And Prenatal Care Essay

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    increasing access to early and adequate prenatal care (Chapman & Durham, 2010). The prenatal period provides an opportunity to make positive changes in all aspects of a women 's health status and health maintenance behaviors. Early and adequate prenatal care provides the opportunity to identify significant risks to the pregnant women, and develop interventions to reduce or eliminate potential complications (Chapman & Durham, 2010). Prenatal care encompasses the health care services provided to a women, from