The Dresser

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To North Carolina Central University

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    unpacking was my personal items, which included my clothes, shoes, jewelry, and sheets. I folded all my jeans and shirts up and placed them in the drawers on my dresser. My dressy clothes were hung in the closet, and my shoes were placed neatly in the closet also. The jewelry, which was only multiple pairs of earrings were placed on top of the dresser. I then put my sheets and comforter on my bed, after I wiped it down with Clorox wipes. After, putting away my personal items I started putting my hygiene

  • Roderick Cross: A Narrative Fiction

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    "! There you are, Mr. Cross. A week...all ready reserved and paid for...You here for the fishing tourney they're having this weekend?" Roderick Cross stared blankly across the counter at the jovial woman. She was old, comfortable in her spot; it was the kind of woman who had worked at the same place for her whole life, and couldn't fathom doing anything else. At some point along the way, what was supposed to be a fake smile donned by those in the service industry had been replaced with

  • Abigail's Story Essay: Ladder Day Girl

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    "Hello?" she said a little too loudly and immediately cringed with embarrassment "Still working on the dresser? I told you, building is not woman's work." Krist teased and Abby couldn't help but roll her eyes, even though she remained slightly amused. "What do you need, jerk?" she asked her partner. "We've been called into work, kid. Tourist crowd is getting

  • Creative Writing: Room 111

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    “No, c’mon! My wife is out of town. Just one more night. Hook me up!” He paced the kitchen, cradling his phone. He felt like a crackhead desperate for another hit. But, it wasn’t like that. Just as it seemed he was hung up, “Fine. Just this one last time.” “I.. thank you. I really need this.” “Room 111. Twenty minutes. Leave the money in the box.” His wife just couldn’t do the things he needed. He figured if his wife knew, she wouldn’t fault him for this. Room 111 was in the only shady pay-by-the-hour

  • Analysis Of In The Studio Poem

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    her body gives a visual gesture and communicates body language. We all know that body language is a nonverbal form of communication, it can say a lot, and cause different reactions. The artist incorporated implied line in the figures painted on the dresser. The Buddha statue appears to be looking down at the women, and the man looking statue appears to be looking away from the woman. This puts the focal point on the woman. She also has implied lines that makes her appear to

  • A Short Story : A Story Of The Haunted House

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    As soon as I wake up I hear my mom’s gentle voice telling me “wake up honey”. I looked at my mom and smiled then she smiles back at me. Good morning Mother good morning sweetie it’s time to go to school so get dressed. Got it mom I said as as she left the room then I got dressed. I walked to the dining room and saw the breakfast on the table I smiled then started to mom walked to me and kissed me on the forehead and said I got to go to work love you. Okay mom oh after school I’m going somewhere

  • The Story Of ' Moon Valley '

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    Sam and Bert sleep in the next rooms. You’ll meet them at dinner.” The room looked bare; a bed, a chair and a dresser, chipped sickly yellow painted walls and a small window, its curtain wafting in the breeze. At least I didn’t have to share the room with eleven other boys as I had at the orphanage. Of greater importance, I need no longer fear Doctor Mangle. I shivered;

  • Personal Narrative: When I Buy A Fish

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    Kennady Peters and I have been best friends ever since the age of two when we were in the same pre-school class. During our sophomore year of high school, we were inseparable. There were times where Kennady would stays for days at a time at my house. We would play video games, watch movies, or just talk and hang out. Eventually, those tiny activities got boring. On the night of February 13th, we decided to go to Tequila’s for dinner. We had a lot of fun, but we were not ready to go home just yet

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    Thankfully, Johnny had passed the test of being able to clean up with the help of Dixie and was able to transfer himself fairly well from the wheelchair to the toilet. With a long list of instructions, a bagful of medications and a schedule of appointments for therapy and check-ups, Johnny was pronounced healthy enough to start recovering at the DeSoto’s. Although normally he could have been sent home that morning, after having to be checked over by Doctor Early, Doctor Druthers and both therapists

  • The Home Beneath The House

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    The Home Beneath the House There’s just something about home that is so comforting and innocent. Maybe it’s the great oak tree in the backyard that you used to swing on when you were young. Or maybe it’s the kitchen where memories were made while making a homemade pizza with the whole family. Regardless, it doesn’t matter what it was it’s just something we all could call home. When I reflect on home, I see the giant pine trees lining up alongside the vacant gravel road. As I pull into my long gravel