Prime Minister of Algeria

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  • Essay On Aban

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    in March 1963, Hassan II travelled to Algiers to initiate talks on the common land border that the French had left undefined. The king wanted to negotiate a new frontier that would include Morocco’s territorial claims over Tindouf. The Algerian prime minister at the time, Ahmed Ben Bella, suggested that the issue should be discussed at a later date – as soon as Algeria’s political institutions were established and its stability guaranteed. These successive foreign policy failures heavily threatened

  • Algeria, The Largest Country Of Africa

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    Algeria, the largest country in Africa, is home to 39 million people. The native language is Arabic and the common currency is dinar. From 2010 to 2015 the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has increased from $4,349.00 to $5,836.00, with a population density of 16 inhabitants per square kilometer. Algeria’s GDP is among the highest of Africa’s countries, compared to Egypt whose GDP is $3314.00 per capita. From an economics standpoint, Algeria operates almost identical to the United States having there

  • United Kingdom, Sweden And Japan

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    government being the prime minister or premier, and the head of state often being a figurehead, often a hereditary monarch (often in a constitutional monarchy). Countries that have this type of government are the United Kingdom, Sweden and Japan. These countries have a administrations that are virtually always the outcome of parties’ coalitions, they inclined to be varied and represent an extensive swath of common opinion. In a parliamentary system, the chief executive (the prime minister) is chosen from

  • Conflicts And Tensions Between The French And Algerian War Between 1830-1962

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    political power of Algerians in their government, National Assembly in Paris. From the very beginning of the existence of the French Algeria, it was hard to balance the satisfaction of the Pier Noids and the Muslims. The French army, “landing in June 1830,” easily overpowered

  • Political Structure Of The Government

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    has a considerable amount of power. He can appoint or dismiss the prime minister, act as the commander in chief of the armed forces, and more. Currently the president is Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who has been in office since 1999. Ideally, there is a presidential election every 5 years, with a limit of 2 terms per president. However, it seems as if President Bouteflika is not going to abide by that provision (Country Profile, Algeria 17). Algeria’s legislative branch is a

  • African Americans During The 19th Century

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    In the 19th and 20th centuries Europe was thriving and wealthy while most of their colonies in Africa were suffering under their rule. The Europeans all wanted a piece of Africa’s land with its plentiful resources and free labor. Around this time, Europe was going through the industrial revolution and because business was booming the European countries need more resources than they already had. The Africans had the land the Europeans wanted to use to continue having booming businesses, they also

  • Militant Anti-Colonialism in Africa and the West: Annotated Bibliography

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    The biography of Abd el- Kader as outlined by Chisholm and Hugh (1911) It was on September 6, 1808 when Abd el-Kader was born in a place near Mascara in Algeria. At the time of his birth, Algeria had been under the Turkish rule. Abd el-Kader is known as the founder of the Algeria state and a religious and military leader who led the Algerians in their struggle against French domination. Even before joining military, Abd el-Kader had gained fame as an educated and religious person, capable of exciting

  • The Power Of The White House Essay

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    Webster’s Dictionary defines “power” as the “ability to do anything; … capacity for producing an effect; … a wielder of authority, strong influence, or rule.” In my opinion, “power” is the ability to produce an effect from people, places or things. Thunderstorms are strong mixtures of air and water that can cause a powerful effect on weather. The White House is a place that stands as a symbol of what America as a country represents; which can produce a powerful effect, either positive or negative

  • The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In America

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    Immigrants came to the European countries because they are searching for work so that they support their family financially. People's view immigration as bad over time because of hostile views of politicians or political parties, people think immigrants are outcasts just because of their cultural differences, and they are opposed and racist to the immigrants & give the immigrants excessive work than the others. The immigrants look different, so the people and politicians think that they do not fit

  • Different Cultures And Groups Of People

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    Like many other countries in the area, Algeria is a country that has been influenced and occupied by many different cultures and groups of people. The native population in this North African area, however, were the Berbers. In the classical period, the Berber civilization was already involved in agriculture, manufacturing, trade, and political organization. However, the Roman Empire annexed this territory which led to increases in urbanization in the area under cultivation, causing dislocations of