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    “The very simple plot of a tragedy involves a protagonist who desires something—object of love, power, wealth, righteousness, justice—and obstacles come in the way of his path to reach its fulfillment.” ("Tragedy." Literature of Love. N.p., 14 June 2010. Web. 29 Mar. 2017.) In the book El Señor Presidente the protagonist is involved in a love tragedy where he desires Camila’s love but him being the president 's right hand becomes an obstacle for him and his relationship. Political corruption increases

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    Imagery and Metaphor as Resistance in Miguel Asturias' The President In The President, Miguel Angel Asturias uses madness as his initial tool to launch a social examination of evil versus good under the strains of a terrifying dictatorship. To paint a vivid picture of the political and social atmosphere under the regime of The President, Asturias wields rich and abstract imagery, repetition and metaphors throughout his novel to punctuate, foreshadow, and illuminate. Wind is one of these recurring

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