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    Amsterdam albatross has shown a steady decline since a massive environmental threats such as the introduction of other species that have continually damaged its habit. While that problem has lessened considerably but recent issues of diseases carried by other marine birds have continued to destroy the population. Scientific research has detail that the only population of this part of the albatross family lives and breed on the island called Amsterdam Island. With all these factors taken in along

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    Did you know that an albatross has the largest wingspan of any living bird? Moreover, an albatross can sometimes surprisingly live into their sixties. The scientific name of the bird is a Diomedeidae. A higher classification would be Procellariiformes. Global warming could cause this bird’s population number to skyrocket. Due to wind speeds, these birds spend less time finding food and more time mating and repopulating. The albatross’ wingspan can be 9.5-11 feet long, making it the largest wingspan

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