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  • Nursing Research On Pyromania

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    be done on medications which may help those who suffer from pyromania and other impulse control disorders, to manage the symptoms of these disorders (Huff, 2014). Nurses ought to also advocate for continuing research into the etiology of the disorder, so that there can be a better understanding about

  • Pyromania: An Impulse Control Disorder Essay

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    the very thought of setting the fire makes their heart race? If that is correct, it still seems a broad categorization. How many people are nervous or excited before setting a fire? When striking a match, will it work? The third criterion for pyromania also seems a little too broad for comfort. A pyromaniac must express a certain obsession with fire and the things that accompany it (APA 671). They define it as a fascination, interest, curiosity, or attraction with fire and its accoutrements,

  • Term Papers On Pyromania

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    PYROMANIA Pyromania is a very real and harmful disease that has caused a large amount of terror and pain to everyday people in this world. Pyromania is an impulse control disorder that causes a person to continuously fail to fight the urge to start fires. The word “pyromania” comes from the Greek word pyro which means fire. Pyromania is different from arson, because arson is the intentional setting of fires. Pyromaniacs start fires to get a feeling of pleasure, and often

  • How Pyromania Can Affect Your Life

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    RUNNING HEAD: PYROMANIA Pyromania: Its lit!!! Austin Huffstutter Clover Park High-School January 11, 2017 Period 2 Notes: Student produced paper.   ABSTRACT This paper is about how pyromania can affect your life. It will explain the diagnostic criteria, the various symptoms involved with pyromania, the treatment options one could pursue, and of course a case study showing how somebody has lived with pyromania.   Pyromania is a mental illness that can affect you and people

  • Pyromani Obsessive Desire To Set Fire

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    Pyromania Pyromania is the obsessive desire to set fire deliberately for pleasure or satisfaction. The meaning of the word, Pyro- fire and mania- madness/frenzy. Pyromania is characterized as a mental illness of an impulse control disorder. It is a psychiatric disorder from the failure to resist an urge or temptation. Pyromania is very rare, but it can have serious consequences in a person's life. Doctors have identified the causes and the symptoms, and have made a combination of effects for treatment

  • The Cause And Effect Of Impulse Control Disorders

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    Paige Logsdon Mr. Martinous Composition II April 8, 2015 The Cause and Effect of Impulse Control Disorders Most people love watching other humans and like trying to figure out why they do what they do. It’s called people watching and we have all been guilty of it. The human race is fascinating and it is very interesting how we were created and what makes us tick. Have you ever wondered why some people have an uncontrollable urge toward destructible behaviors? Do you ever wonder if the behavior

  • Psychopathic Characteristics

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    The main characteristics of these psychopaths are enuresis, pyromania, and precocious sadism. Traumatic events that adolescences go through will change their life tremendously. The nurturing of their mother and father is the most important factor of how human beings mentally end up. The main theme of infamous serial

  • Correctional Psychologists Have Many Duties Within The Prison Setting Essay

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    Correctional psychologists have many duties within the prison setting. When offenders arrive to correctional institutes, the correctional psychologist conducts assessments to assist the offender in their rehabilitation process. For example, correctional psychologists provide assessment to prevent self harm, substance abuse, anger management and crisis intervention. They also develop programs to assist with recidivism of offenders (Bartol & Bartol, 2012). Prior to an offender being release from prison

  • David Berkowitz Thesis

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    Pyromania is an obsessive desire to set fire to things. According to my research, his adoptive parents, Nathan and Pearl, consulted at least one psychotherapist due to his misbehavior. It wasn’t until the mid-1970s that Berkowitz started to commit his series

  • Impulse Control Disorders

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    IMPULSE CONTROL DISORDERS Many of the self-control disorders involve disturbances in the ability to regulate an impulse - an urge to act. People with impulse control disorders act on certain impulses involving some potentially harmful behavior that they cannot resist. Impulsive behavior in and of itself is not necessarily harmful; in fact, we all act impulsively upon occasion. Usually our impulsive acts have no ill effects, but in some instances they may involve risk. Consider the following