Rebecca De Mornay

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    My Aphorism

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    My aphorism is hold tight to your roots but be open to the future. This is aphorism really relates to me and what I believe in. It shows the importance of knowing who you are but also being open to new things to come in the future. Holding tight to your roots means remembering where you came from and what standards and ideals are important to you. In my aphorism when I say be open to the future it means being open to new ways of thinking and change later on in your life. My aphorism means remembering

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    Susan Slome

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    A while back, I became a acquainted with the work of the actor Rick Ravanello, and through watching his films and shows, I have met other equally talented and genuinely kind industry professionals. Susan Slome happens to be one that I noticed the moment her character appeared on screen in the Lifetime movie Dangerous Company. Recently, Susan set aside some time to answer a few questions about her path to become an actress, some of her notable roles, and even her perception of the ever-evolving acting

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    story as executive producer for Stephen King's The Shining. The six-hour ABC miniseries contained King's original ghouls and spooky shrubbery. Steven Weber (of Wings) and his oversized croquet mallet replaced the ax-wielding Jack Nicholson. Rebecca De Mornay played the sexy Wendy from the novel, as opposed to the mousy doormat played by Shelley Duvall in Kubrick's version. And flashbacks revealed Jack's shaky psychological history. In order to get the rights to remake the movie, King had to sign

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