Red River Colony

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  • Louis Riel: Hero or Villain? Essay

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    controversial figures in Canadian history, and even to this day – more than a century after his execution – he continues to be remembered. Many believed him to be a villain; others saw him as a hero. So who was he really? Born in St. Boniface at the Red River Settlement of Canada (present-day Winnipeg, Manitoba) on October 22, 1844, Louis Riel hoped one day to follow his father’s footsteps and become a great Métis leader just like him. Eventually, Riel was seen as a hero to the French-speaking Métis.

  • Louis Riel: A National Hero of Canada

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    "We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on." (Louis Riel, 1884). Louis Riel, a man of great nature and abiding love for his western Métis heritage, is proven to be one of the most revolutionary men looked upon in the chronicles of the Dominion of Canada. In spite of this, he remains as one of the most controversial and cryptic figures throughout the course of Canadian history. A period of revolution lasting

  • Louis Riel: Father of Confederation or a Treasonous Rebel?

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    This led the government to view Louis Riel as a national criminal. As a result, Manitoba was established as a province from the Red River settlement, the Manitoba Act was enacted and Riel fled into exile within U.S borders after the execution of Thomas Scott. Overall, he attempted to take a stand against a bureaucracy that threatened the Métis way of life, only to have to escape in

  • Louis Riel Summary

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    September 1870 in St. Joseph, Dakota territory. Louis Riel is reading a note which talks about how the Canadian soldiers have wreaked havoc on the Red River Colony. It talks about how some Métis men had been murdered and quite a few were beaten. Women had also been raped in the settlement too. “The Canadian soldiers have brought a reign of fear to the Red River settlement.” This is an excerpt from the note Louis Riel was reading. Also, Schultz returned and was basically running things. The comic-strip

  • Louis Riel 's Last Words Before His Execution

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    “I have nothing but my heart, I have given it long ago to my country.” These are Louis Riel’s last words before his execution. Two themes that have been debated is whether Louis Riel is a traitor or hero to the Métis. There have been many controversial figures throughout Canada’s history, but Louis Riel is one of the most controversial figure. His perspective on how he dealt with manner is still debated today. A key aspect discussed today is why Riel is a hero to his people; the Métis. Louis Riel

  • Louis Riel's Treatment Of The Insane Essay

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    after a long time after his father had died. Riel had hallucinations as well as telling people that he looked like Louis Riel’s twin brother and that Louis Riel had drowned in the Mississippi river. This shows that as Louis Riel was so filled of sorrow that saying that he supposedly drowned in the Mississippi river might have driven him on the verge of

  • Louis Riel Essay

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    On October 23, 1844, in Red River Manitoba, Louis Riel Sr and Julie Lagimodiere, devout Christians, brought a young Métis boy into the world. Little did they know, Louis Riel Jr. would grow up to become known to many as “the founder of Manitoba.” His life was filled with excitement, both political and personal. The question is, were his actions against the government acts of honor and truth, or deception and lies?      Riel Jr.’s political adventures did not begin until

  • My Experience With My Family Trips

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    level of anxiety. Until this trip, I have never traveled to a place far from society and slept within the pure darkness of the night. The adrenaline rush of hunting to find a safe space for shelter, hanging a bear bag, and climbing the cliffs of Red River Gorge was an experience I did not expect; however, my father, brother, two other family friends, and I conquered this expedition

  • Louis Riel Legacy

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    businessman and political leader in the métis community. His political legacy likely influenced his son, Louis Riel Jr. Who than returned to Red River, his childhood home to support his family, and widowed mother after his father’s death. In 1869, The Hudson’s Bay Company was under pressure

  • The Origins Of The And Riel Rebellion

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    Riel rebellion is one that echoes in Canadian history. It is the cause for much distress on both the rebel and the side of the government of Canada. This tail includes different rebellions which intertwine together; the Red River Rebellion, and the North West Rebellion. The Red River rebellion itself dates back to 1869 and ended in 1870, while the North West Rebellion occurred in 1885; which was a quick and deadly revolution (New, 2002:826). The lead up to these historic event date back much earlier