Revolt of the Comuneros

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  • Charles V : Ruler Of The Most Extensive And Powerful Empire

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    threatened that this will lead to a European hegemony. Hence, his authority was strewn with revolts and wars. His vision to unite Europe in a Christian Empire encountered oppositions from his people, especially to the Protestant Reformation. Although Charles V’s ruled the most extensive and powerful empire, he was both a success and a failure when implementing his ideas. This could be seen through the revolt of the Comunidades and Germanias, the Influence of Erasmus, and as well as Humanism in the

  • Within the Context of 1474-1598 to What Extent Did Ferdinand and Isabella Lay the Foundations for a Golden Age?

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    Spain’s perceived “Golden Age” is a broad classification unconfined to a specific era. The Golden Age has long been affiliated with the growth of a uniquely Spanish identity that arose with the flourishing of arts, architecture and literature expanding notably in the years of Phillip II, and flourishing in the 17th century – the same century traditionalist historians identify as the decline of Spain. To consider the golden age of Spain on a purely art and literature basis however misses the point