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  • Comparing Gay Meets Bible Belt State

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    Gay Meets Bible Belt State The Portrayal of Homosexuality in the Laurel Leader-Call (1960-1979) On February 7, 2013, one of the two major news publications in Laurel Mississippi, printed a a story detailing the unofficial marriage of Jessica Powell to Crystal Craven, a lesbian couple whose desire to wed was intensified by the fact that Craven was dying of brain cancer. The article was titled “Historic Wedding” and claimed the ceremony was the first between two people of the same gender to take place

  • Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt by Heyman Christine Leigh

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    Heyrman Christine Leigh’s “Southern Cross: The Beginnings of the Bible Belt” goes hand in hand with Greenberg Kenneth’s concepts on the depiction of southern men. Both texts present the structural relationship between the social elites and those considered to be at the bottom of the societal pyramid. In this case, slaves held the last place as per the laws by the white people. Heyrman points out that the turn of the century brought changes that shook the south and said changes did not have the perfect

  • Reading And Writing : My Experience Of Reading, And Social Life

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    the Sparrow, which I did not fully understand as a child, taught me my most valuable lesson, and I will never forget it. In addition, just like most of the children born in the Bible Belt, I was raised on a variety of Bible stories because my parents wanted nothing more than to raise a moral, daughter of God, but the Bible wasn’t the only book that has helped me shape my morals as a person. The Mortal Instruments, a wonderful teen-fiction series by Cassandra Clare, was one of those books that made

  • The Water Exercise Buoyancy Waist Band

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    Classicknown, widespread item out of all the aquajogger products available. The belt keeps your body afloat in deep water and shallow water, allowing you to get a total body workout with no swimming experience necessary. Please keep in mind, this isn 't a life jacket, and ought to never be utilized as a life jacket. ENTIRE BODY WORKOUT Conditioning your entire body is the AquaJogger Classic 's whole purpose. The Flotation Belt uses delicate, adaptable and tough EVA foam to keep your body suspended upright

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    A chestnut brown haired naive boy sat in the gloomy shadow of his cabin. The delicate spring air wafted the smoky smell of fresh cut grass into a sharply pointed nose and put his mind to ease. He felt his bare feet touch against the damp tender soil as the silver glow of the moonlight spilled from the sky upon the pages of his book. Lost in the adventure of thought he had almost escaped reality until the sound of his father’s heavy unsteady footsteps rushed into his ears. Immediately in shock, he

  • Clayton And Oaklee: A Short Story

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    think a store or something like that, but no. They went up to people and took their belt buckles. You may be wondering what’s the big deal about that. Well, in Texas where they live, if you owned a big, gold, shiny belt buckle, you were considered royalty. Clayton and Oaklee had a reason behind it. It was due to the fact that even after years of

  • An Essential Part Of Ghana African Culture

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    Waist pendants were an essential part of the Benin African culture. Benin was located in modern day Nigeria, and they had a very advanced culture with various resources. The Benin Kingdom mainly existed between the years 1440-1897 before the invasion from British soldiers, and is the capitol of the former Edo Kingdom. The city of Benin still exists today. The head of the Benin kingdom was called an oba, which translates to King, and was highly revered.1 Many brass and ivory carvings of the oba were

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In New Orleans

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    It seemed as he was rich with his gold plated belt buckle and the beautiful horses which to gorgeous women were standing near holding ropes that connected to the horses heads’. Then I heard what sounded like numbers then people raised their hand in the bunch of people below us. That went on for about five minutes, and the numbers stopped being yelled, and the man with the belt headed towards the deck approaching the stairs to get on the deck. He handed Davy some

  • The Sandwitch Factory

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    The Sandwich Factory A) The short story "The Sandwich Factory" is written by Jason Kennedy and deals with a man’s experiences doing a low-paid job at a sandwich factory. It tells the story of how the man needs to be able to deal with a lot of things about himself and other people, to do the work and concentrate about it. We get a very good insight into his situation, but it is very much marked by his personal thoughts about it, and therefore it becomes more or less useless for us to relate to

  • Seatbelts, Your Personal Life Saver

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    to some boring speech you have heard time and time again. But please hear me out. You might have excuses that sound logical in your mind, but what are you going to do when your excuses get you killed? First of all, I know most people think that seat belt laws are ridiculous and keep you from having fun.