Ship construction

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  • The Differences Of Naval Architecture Vs. Marine Engineering

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    communicate with during the building process, and the type of tests that they conduct. Naval Architecture is where the ship building process begins. These architects are responsible for research and development, designing, building and repairing different types of marine vessels. These vessels can include, but are not limited to, ferries, high-speed boats, tankers, cargo ships, passenger liners, yachts, power boats, warships, fishing boats, rescue boats, barges, submarine, offshore structures, and

  • Shell Shipping Oil and gas exporting countries depend on shipping. Shell has shipping organization

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    (LNG) and transports it across the world via ships. Shell is the largest LNG shipping operator. Shell operates 50 of the world’s 370 LNG carriers. Scheduling problems There are cases when Shell employs other company ships to transport their cargo, and there can be cases when other companies who are making use of Shell's terminal to import/export cargo for their own needs. In the shipping operations several scheduling problems are observed. Many times ships have to wait at port before she

  • The Effects of the Naval Budget Cuts Essay

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    and ships are increasingly being put in jeopardy. The human aspect of the military is the foundation of everything we do, and without that vital part in the proverbial pyramid of defense, everything else is meaningless. The technology of the times is only as effective as the human element supporting it. Without the vital human aspect, all of the newest technology may as well be a useless pile of junk. Despite the importance of maintaining a strong human aspect, if we allow our Navy’s ships to fall

  • The Discovery Of The New World

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    Ship Improvements What were the events and improvements in ship design that lead to the discovery of the New World and enabled the subsequent expansion in global trade? In this paper I will examine the changes and improvements in European ship design that allowed for the first transatlantic voyage to the New World. Though the Europeans were not the first to develop the concept of the ship, they were the first to take this concept and use it to cross the Atlantic. Even before Columbus sailed

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Shipbuilding Market

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    entail a number of serious risks for both their counterparts, that may result to great damage in their financial standing. While at the past years the shipbuilding market witnessed a period of economic boom, with a great number of shipowners ordering ships from the shipyards of China, Korea and Japan (the dominants of the newbuilding sector) and signing the relevant shipbuilding contracts, the economic crisis of 2008, affecting the world/global/worldwide market as well as the shipbuilding market, came

  • Lincoln Ordered A Naval Blockade Of The United States

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    Confederacy 's navy Stephen Mallory, at the time being and advocate for more armor on ships, decided that instead of trying to match the production power of the north, they would build ships that were superior to the North 's individually. Mallory hired a group of men to help him design the ship. They knew that due to the added armor, they would need to use the new steam engines, recently being applied to ships. However, it took almost a year to make them and have them fitted. Fortunately, one

  • The Canadian Shipbuilding Industry

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    Be that as it may, shipbuilding and ship repair has been an old industry held in the country, which regardless of what many may think, has been important to the initial stages of development for the nation as a whole. As a result, the historical significance of the industry can be assigned to one of the few industries that managed to aid in successfully contributing to the development of the national identity. From this, the shipbuilding industry as a whole must be detailed in order to directly correspond

  • The Vasa Gunship Catastrophe

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    Introduction In 1626, the Swedish gunship, Vasa, was constructed for war against Poland. King Gustav II of Sweden spared no expense and demanded the ship be the grandest, most prestigious watercraft ever created. His demand was fulfilled, however due to continuous design changes, inadequate communication, and a stringent timeline, the ship was poorly constructed. As a result, Vasa sunk after sailing only 1,000 yards, perishing 50 men and all of the war supplies. 1. Who is responsible for this

  • The Golden Age of Sail in Saint John

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    Even as the Golden Age of Sail was coming to a close, Saint John had remained at the top – the fourth largest shipbuilding center in the world and one of the greatest in North America. Their affluence took a turn during 1877, when the Great Fire of Saint John devastated the city. It shattered not only the lives of city shipbuilders and merchants, but crippled local citizens as well. Summers in Saint John were typically dry and muggy, though on June 20, 1877 there was an eerie uncharacteristic breeze

  • Merchant Shipping Activities Remain The Pillar Of Global Trade Essay

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    of the current market means the accurate need for forecasting and keeping up to date with trends is imperative. This report aims to provide an overview of current trends in merchant shipping. 2. Ownership 2.1 Flags of convenience and the largest ship owning countries Panama - with a population of just