Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers

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    Edward IV's Reign and Success Edward’s reign was mainly stable and successful. He was the first king to die financially solvent in over 200 years due mainly to his careful avoidance of major foreign wars and by the end of his reign there was evident recovery of prosperity in the southern counties. However, Edward died too early to ensure that his heir would succeed him unchallenged. He had not created a collective commitment to the future of his dynasty that would

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    civil Wars of the Roses. [5] Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond brought in the house of Tudor closing the Plantagenet dynasty.[5] The ending of the wars put to rest the feudalism because of the great loss of property and lives of the nobles making it difficult to protest against the strength of the Tudor monarchy. The problem came about from financial and social trouble that followed the hundred years of war, along with the weak ruler ship of Henry VI. Richard in his first and only parliament wanted three

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