Richmond High School

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  • Character Analysis : Coach Carter And The Richmond High Basketball Team

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    The Richmond High School, located in the poor area of Richmond city, held a graduation rate of 50% for their students. Out of that percentage, only 6% of those who graduate go to college. Conveniently located in western Contra Costa county, where every one out of three black men between the ages of 18-24 tends to get arrested, the youths of Richmond High are 80% more likely to end up in prison than college. Coach Carter is based on a true story of coach Ken Carter and the Richmond High basketball

  • Structuralism In Coach Carter

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    doesn’t and what we can do to change this often by way of advocacy, actions, and campaigns, strive for social change (J. Poole, personal communication, September 13, 2017). Coach Carter is a sports drama based on a real life experience of a former Richmond High alumni and basketball coach, Ken Carter, who became known in 1999 for benching his entire basketball team, undefeated until that point for poor academic standing. It is though this film, but

  • Examples Of Structuralism In The Movie Coach Carter

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    what we can do to change this, often by way of advocacy, actions, and campaigns, and striving for social change (J. Poole, personal communication, September 13, 2017). Coach Carter is a sports drama based on a real life experience of a former Richmond High alumni and basketball coach, Ken Carter, who became known in 1999 for benching his undefeated basketball team, due to poor academic standing (Watch Coach Carter, n.d.). It is through this film I will illustrate my understanding of structuralism

  • Leadership In The Film Coach Carter As A Basketball Coach

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    respect, is passionate and caring, builds a team, obtains expectations, and helps people grow. In the influential film Coach Carter, we are introduced to a character by the name of Ken Carter, who is offered a position as a basketball coach at Richmond High School, upon he decides to accept the offer to take on the mission of guiding, training, and teaching students on the team how to not only be great basketball players, but how to be great students as well. Throughout the film Ken Carter demonstrates

  • High Point Of Juvenile Crimes

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    Although juvenile crimes happen all year around the rates are extremely high during school breaks. As Richmond states in the article, “high point of juvenile crime comes during the Easter, Christmas, spring, and summer vacation periods from school” (Richmond, 2001). These are times when students have more free time to rome the streets because they are not being supervised. When the students return to school after breaks there is a decrease in crimes being committed. A lot of parents have a hard time

  • Daniel L. Duke's The Challenges Of School District Leadership

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    of an organization, challenges of staffing in school districts can have a great impact on the overall success of the district, and student achievement. In chapter 8 of Daniel L. Duke’s The Challenges of School District Leadership, the challenges of staffing schools is discussed as well as considerations for school leaders to consider when going through the process of staffing. These challenges revolve around recruitment, retention, developing school leaders. This paper will discuss the complexities

  • Persuasive Essay On Later School Start Time

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    Later School Start Times: It’s Time for a Change You are getting ready for work when you notice the strangely quiet house. You wonder what is wrong, and then it hits you: your teenager is not up yet. You storm into their room, shaking them awake and yet the only response you get is a groan and a “just five more minutes” and a “leave me alone.” You notice homework and projects throw in a pile on the floor, evidence of the late night. But yet your teenager is not doing too well in some of their

  • Controversy Over School Start Times

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    Opponents of a later high school start time argue that teenagers won’t really get more sleep, they’ll just stay up later instead.  Students have activities and homework after school, and the later start time would just push it later into the night.  In “Controversy Over School Start Times,” journalist Laura VanDemark, a staff writer for Mainstream said that a survey from the April 15, 2013 meeting of the Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association general assembly showed that, “only

  • Why Is High School Start Too Early

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    High School is Starting Too Early for Students High school involves a lot of beneficial aspects including providing education to kids to prepare them for college, providing a social environment, and creating a structured schedule. Although, studies are showing that there is one aspect of high school that could be hurting students, more than helping; the start time is too early. Many states in the U.S. are catching onto how harmful it is for students to have a lack of sleep, and only recently are

  • Analyzing Timo

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    In the poor urban area of Richmond, California, the only thing more common than the violence is that deliquesce within the high school system - especially on the Richmond basketball team. With inflated rates of murder, violence and local crime students have affiliated themselves with negative forces that will have detrimental results. Many youth end dropping out of school and of that, majority will wind up in prison. However, Ken Carter makes it his objective to be the catalyst for a massive social