Robert Smithson

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  • Robert Smithson Essay

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    also called Earthworks, is an interaction and study of the natural elements and manmade art.3 One of the most well known and originators of Earthworks is Robert Smithson. Smithson created many inspirational pieces, which have lasted throughout the years, not only through land art but also with drawings, sculptures, films and writings. Robert Smithson was born on January 2, 1938 in Passaic, New Jersey. He grew up there and went to a public school. As a child he was very interested in nature; he collected

  • Robert Smithson Analysis

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    Prominent for their work in the 1970s’ Andrew Goldsmith and Robert Smithson when they presented their unique brands of art styles to the public. Considered Postmodern artists due to their unconventional working methods and uses of non-traditional materials. Both artists use nature and natural elements as media in their work as well as often presenting their art in unconventional places. Protests on the treatment and preservation of the environment were prominent in the 1970s’, reflecting in the

  • Land Art History

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    it difficult to ascribe it to one field or term. Later on, the term “Earth Works,” coined by Robert Smithson came to use but Earth Works only refers to works that use earth while Land Art is an all-encompassing umbrella that includes works

  • Earth art is the art of using nature and natural materials, like water, soil, rocks…etc. With this

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    money to buy the materials for the art, and make the art in rich areas. Some common features include large-scale works of curtains, islands full of different colors, patterns on the earth etc. (Land art) Some famous artists in this genre are: Robert Smithson, Andy

  • Analysis Of ' Ruination And Drosscape '

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    aesthetic forms and iconography of the former, resulting in an ongoing phenomenon that recycles and regenerates in art and art theory. In Allan Smith’s Essay Entropic steps: Rocks, ruins, and increase in John Ruskin, Robert Smithson, and Per Kirkeby, he triangulates the writings of Ruskin, Smithson and Kirkeby, in order to show a breadth of reaction to ruin (primarily

  • Of Vincent Lamouroux's Essay 'Notes On Site Specificity'

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    The stark white remains of the Sunset Pacific Motel upsets the urban environment surrounding the strip of Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. French artist Vincent Lamouroux coats an abandoned motel, the billboard that rests above it, the wire fence encompassing it, and the palm trees surrounding it with a temporary layer of opaque lime wash. He names the piece Projection. The motel now stands like a ghost, gleaming in white with its community’s history eternalized beneath

  • The Sculpture Plunge Created By Artist Robert Smithson

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    The sculpture Plunge created in 1966, by artist Robert Smithson, currently located at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado. It is a symmetrical, non-objective piece made from a black or dark gray colored steel. Of which cubes are stacked in a stepping motion of four steps, in a repetition of ten, aligned side by side in a series giving the illusion of depth or distance. They give a nesting and receding illusion so they appear to slowly increase and decrease in size, appearing balanced on all

  • The Smithsonian Institution

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    The Smithsonian Institution is an Independent Executive Agency under the United States government, but was not always that. In the beginning, the primary building was the estate of a British scientist by the name of James Smithson. In 1829, James Smithson passed away, and lest an unusual request in his will. According to the Smithsonian's web page, this request was that his whole estate would be given to “the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution

  • History And Theory : Leicester School Of Architecture

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    of Team 10? How did they articulate their disagreements with the objectives of CIAM? Choose a specific building or project to show how one (or a pair) of the members of Team 10 attempted to put those goals into practice. Alison and Peter Smithson 's: investigative duties. Experiment and Utopia in the ' 'House of the future ' ' Marco Fiorino P13214090

  • The Crime Of The Police

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    being looked at by the Emergency team, I will come get the family. The group sat in the waiting room and quietly and individually thought about what was happening. Rachel looked at the clock and realized that it was getting late. If Melanie and Robert were going to make curfew, they needed to leave soon. She reminded them that it was getting late. Rachel assured them that she was willing to stay here with her sister. They could go home and get much needed sleep, and return in the morning. Richard