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  • Hanna Pitkin

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    In this study I will focus on descriptive and substantive representation as defined by Hanna Pitkin in her seminal work The Concept of Representation (1967). Pitkin identifies there four types of representation: formalistic, descriptive, symbolic and substantive. The formalistic representation is defined as the formal bestowing of authority onto a person to act for others. This form is problematic because all the actions of the representatives count as ‘representation’, regardless of their quality

  • How Has Feminism Influenced Music

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    Has feminism influenced music in the last 30 years? Introduction Feminism and music have long been combined throughout the 1900’s. However, in my essay I will be attempting to answer the question of has feminism influenced music, particularly in the last 30 years. The near infinite variation of feminism expressed in a range of different types of music genres has led to many interesting and empowering assortments of music being established. One such genre is punk music, which is the most popular

  • Personal Narrative-Hanna

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    Hanna I arose in a haze, baffled and confounded from the claustrophobic trains that allowed me to foresee death. The amber sun was burning a hole in the sky, my eyes competed with the vast brightness that was being emitted. I had yearned the blinding light that obscured vision, with the appreciation of clean air that empowered purity, contradicting the speculation I was perpetrating. I glared towards the crowd, distinguishing between the frail and robust. As concentration camps were like playing

  • Revolution Girl Style: Fifty Years of Women in Rock and Roll

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    Revolution Girl Style: Fifty Years of Women in Rock and Roll Rock and roll was born of a black man's soul and a white man's...well, his whiteness; his wallet and radio station. Rock is the white man's version of black man's music; it's full of rebellion and rawness and soul, a style of music that captured America's youth and the fire and brimstone of the clergy's private hell. Elvis heard Big Mama Thornton's throaty and soulful "Hound Dog" and the rest is history; unquestionable talent aside

  • The Punk Singer Critical Analysis

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    “Turn your TV off” – Feminist Punk from a Postmodern Perspective Following the life of Kathleen Hanna, the film The Punk Singer (Sini Anderson, 2013, UK) the viewer gets an insight into the beginning and advance of the feminist punk Riot Grrrl movement. Alongside the development of postmodernism, identity politics arose in importance as a way to challenge the increase in social alienation which emerged as a result of industrialism and that was widely accepted as a reality in modernism. The content

  • Overpricive And Strict On Children

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    Kid” and in “The Advantages of Strict Parents”, by Darlene Zagata, both understand and teach us that its vital that we should rear our children up correctly and make them independent, to set them up for success when their older. However, the author Hanna Rosin would state that the best way to parent comes from letting them be more free in making decisions, and having them experiment. While Darlene Zagata would say that it is by the rules of strict parenting that make kids turn into great independent

  • The Shortening Leash By Jessica And Hanna

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    Shortening Leash”, Jessica and Hanna give us a relatively accurate and unbiased information about the situation that kids now lost freedom a lot according to the board surveys and three statistic graphs. While they mentioned that we are not supposed to latch our kids due to over-protection. Otherwise, let children pursue free exploration is not equal to stop your ear to them. In the article “The Shortening Leash”, which publishes in slate.com, Jessica Grose and Hanna Rosin describe the children today

  • The Sniper By Hanna Mendel And The IRA Sniper

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    including plans, and grades. Two characters I read about shared this trait, Hanna Mendel from Playing for the commandant by Suzy Zail and the IRA sniper from “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty. Hanna Mendel and the IRA sniper are both intelligent because the sniper is able to think quickly of a plan that will save his life and Hanna uses her intelligence to get good grades in school, and to avoid being shot. Hanna is intelligent because she was a straight A student, and knows how to stay out of

  • The Touch Screen Generation By Hanna Rosin

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    I’ll ever get used to the sight of a three-year-old picking up an iPad and navigating it with no issues. I considered myself as part of the technological generation, but I had never stopped to think about the next generation after us. After reading Hanna Rosin’s “The Touch-Screen Generation”, I began to think about the future and what technology will mean for the later generations. Rosin goes through an analysis of the technological options children have today and the research done over the implications

  • Summary Of The End Of Men By Hanna Rosin

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    Women are Rising In “The End of Men?,” an article featured in The Atlantic in summer 2010, author Hanna Rosin illustrates the drastic, ascending shifts perceived in modern society. Rosin poises the theory of how men were traditionally seen as the superior gender. The author believes there is a contractionary shift in gender roles and that the new era is “[B]etter suited to women” (Rosin 304). Recent studies show that women are becoming prominent in the workforce, education, and family. Accordingly