Rural culture

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  • The Experiences of Rural Areas and Culture of Minority Groups

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    The experiences of different groups in rural settings are of significant importance to the study of rural geography itself. In particular, the experiences of both young people and travellers, often labelled as "others", are important in the way they provide a different perspective on rural spaces and cultures from the common `productivist' and `idyllic' cultural views. However, because they are minority groups and "different" from the "normal" majority, young people and travellers experience significant

  • The Urban-Rural Culture Wars Of The 1920's

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    DBQ The urban-rural culture wars of the 1920’s was due to myriad changes occurring in society, and partly in cause of a new generation, angered by the events of World War I, wanting to take a stand. Exposure to different types of culture in the 1920s varied on where one lived. In urban places, like bustling cities, one could find modernists. Modernists were more open-minded and liberal in their thoughts. In other words, they obtained a “new-school” way of thinking. Those in rural places who were

  • Postcolonial Ireland: Rural Fundamentalism and Industrialization

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    industrialise in the 1960s and the 1970s why it mainly occurred in the west. This essay will discuss postcolonial Ireland (1920s-1960s). It will define rural fundamentalism and how it informed social and economic policies in Ireland, it will focus on how poverty, emigration and unemployment and how it played a key role in the eclipsing of the communities of rural Ireland This essay will discuss how the opening up of the economy and the shift in ideologies was essential to the survival of the nation. Moving

  • Northern Canada 's Cultural Competence

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    Title TBD Remote communities such as those in northern Canada consistently experience a shortage of healthcare providers (HCP) including nurses (Place, Macleod, Moffitt & Pitblado, 2014). Due to the cultural and geographical uniqueness of these areas, challenges are inevitable, however, it can be undoubtedly rewarding. Nurses can particularly gain valuable experience regarding the importance of cultural competence and its implementation.Therefore, this paper will discuss the context of northern

  • A Comprehensive Satellite Health Clinic

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    An organization such as the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) is established to be a primary care source for a rural community, serving 5% of the state’s population (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, 2013). PMH wishes to deliver compassionate care and promote healthy lifestyles through working collaboratively with other healthcare facilities, and delivering adequate patient education, while sustaining financial viability (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, 2016). This organization would like to offer a comprehensive

  • The Methods For The Research Essay

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    The methods for the research were based on a sample survey. The survey was a classroom collaboration, where we all come up with questions and administer the survey. We used email, text, cellphone as well as social media like Facebook, whatsup and Instagram to administered the survey. People who participate include family member, friends, coworker, classmate, and client. Everyone in the class needed to get at least five participate. As a group, we had 188 people that respond to the survey. It must

  • Preventive Drug Intervention

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    adolescents in our rural community, and advise on ways to minimize the risk of substance use. To justify the need of grant money to understands and treat the current use of illegal in substance abuse among adolescents living in rural area. Why is this needed? • To better define the true scope of the problem • To Track regional variations • To evaluate preventive intervention • To evaluate treatment intervention The epidemic: Addressing the new epidemic of adolescent substance abuse in rural western America

  • Health Care Services And Rural Communities

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    Healthcare services is an important factor for individuals in rural areas in order to decrease physical and emotional stress. In many rural areas, there are barriers that one may face such as, lack of transportation, shortage of physicians in the area and lack of health care services. With these barriers, rural communities face more sickness and deaths. In this paper, the author will discuss factors that sustain health care services in rural communities and how to make it better with a proposed solution

  • The Reform Movement Of Rural Canada During The Nineteenth And Twentieth Century

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    The search for reform in rural Canada during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries reveals a deep connection between educational movements and social reform. The readings for the first three weeks of this course have provided an overview of how social reformers during this period were keen to promote an “urban and modern orientation” to direct social reform movements in rural Canada. Often, this perspective came into conflict with the needs of the rural society at the time. Therefore, the widespread

  • Rural Americans Face The Struggle Of Accessing Healthcare

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    Rural Americans face the struggle of accessing healthcare, both preventative services and also specialty care, here in America. What is the cause most often? Distance. According to a study conducted by Buzza et al (2011), those surveyed believed that distance was perhaps the most important reason for lack of access to healthcare on a variety of the spectrum to include: routine healthcare, emergency care, specialty care, and in some cases diagnostic services. What the study found was that among