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  • Crucifixion Of Saint Peter Analysis

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    Which is fitting, due to Saint Peter being a Pope. Which lionizes the intense feeling of catastrophe of crucifying the first Pope, which had been ordered by Roman Emperor Nero Augustus Caesar. Focusing on Saint Peter himself in this painting, is quite the opposite of an idealist Saint Peter. Saint Peter is not depicted as a strong, fair man. He is instead depicted as a crabby, unkempt, old man whom is being crucified

  • Essay on Apostolic Ministry in Rome

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    in Rome. While some modern scholars question whether the Apostle Peter was ever in Rome, he is certainly the most celebrated Apostle of the city. A simple example of this is that the largest basilica in Rome (and one of the largest in the world) is named in honor of Saint Peter. The Apostle Paul's existence in Rome is less disputed and even though he is less commemorated nearly two millennia later. The circumstances surrounding Peter and Paul's arrivals in Rome, their ministries in Rome, and their

  • Four Marks Of The Church Essay

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    The four marks of our church are what we believe as Roman Catholics our church to be. We state these beliefs in the Nicene Creed and they are also shown in many other parts of our faith. Only the Roman Catholic Church reflects the fullness of these marks. It is through these marks that salvation can be achieved. These marks include One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostalic. The meaning of the first mark of the church is that we are united in our creed as well as other teachings, the celebration

  • Compare And Contrast Carvaggio And Bernini

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    body of Saint Teresa. However, Saint Teresa is clothed in flowing garments that depict her inner turmoil whereas Jesus is only wearing a cloth. The limp body of Saint Teresa demonstrates that she is giving her life over to God as the angel prepares to pierce her heart with the arrow. It represents that she is passing from one life into the next, a life full of God and the Holy Spirit, much as Jesus is passing from life on Earth into Heaven. Bernini also uses light to illuminate the body of Saint Teresa

  • Compare And Contrast Mary Magdalene And St. Peter Of Verona

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    Mary Magdalene and St. Peter of Verona (or St. Peter Martyr) are two wooden, Italian works of art on display in the Greendale Special Collections and Archives in the Olin Library. The depiction of Mary Magdalene predates St. Peter of Verona by about a century, made in the early 16th century, with St. Peter of Verona coming into fruition in the 17th century. The two works are similar in subject, that of the Catholic saint. Despite their similar functions and purposes, they are products of their own

  • Christianity, The Denial Of Denial

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    In modern Christianity, the denial of Jesus Christ by Simon Peter, who later became Saint Peter, can be described as one of the most powerful events of the New Testament. The act is the culmination of Jesus’ prediction to Peter during the Last Supper. In Matthew 26:34 of the Holy Bible, Jesus states to Peter, “this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” To Simon Peter, this seems comical, for Peter feels that he is a devoted disciple, but to the reader it is an eerie

  • Cathedral As A Central Catholic Church

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    architect from French. It seems gorgeous due to complicate flower patterns and statues on outside, but it considered as a chaos because of mixture of Italian and French architecture. (Sir Banister chapter 14) Cathedrals and churches have statues of the saints beautiful stain glasses. Each of them represents story of bibles and used to show greatness of God. But the beauty of Cathedrals is different in each countries. For example, cathedrals in the US have their beauty of art of symbolism and structure

  • How A Healthy Church Is The Goal For Discipleship

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    Introduction Making disciples is the all-encompassing purpose of the church. Many churches do a tremendous amount of work toward the goal of making disciples, but sometimes it is in an unhealthy manner. Just as a healthy person is going to have the most positive productivity in life, a healthy church will also have the most constructive output of discipleship. In this paper, I will explain how a healthy church is the goal for discipleship. In addition, I will examine my personal church context and

  • Essay on Exploring Basilicas and Churches in Rome

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    of many other beautiful churches and basilicas. Some of these include basilicas such as: Santa Maria Maggiore, St. Giovanni in Lateran, and St. Peter in Chains and churches like St. Peter Outside the Walls and San Giuseppe del Falegnami/ Mamertine Prison. These churches and basilicas through their history, art, architecture, and relics or tombs of saints create a rich and intriguing history of ancient Rome. Santa Maria Maggiore HISTORY: Santa Maria Maggiore was created in 350 AD by

  • The Influence of Paul the Apostle

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    early members of the Christian church, along with Simon Peter and James the Just. Saint Paul is said to have been born around AD 5, and considered to have died about AD67, though the Bible does not record his death specifically. The epistles written by Paul to the churches were plainly and sharply worded. Paul's writings make up a good portion of the New Testament and demonstrate his position of prominence as an apostle of the early Church. Saint Paul was a significant contributor to the spreading of