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  • Essay On Phising Scam

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    Microsoft Office hit by phishing scam Information has emerged of a new phishing scam marking Australian clients of Microsoft Office 365 products, possibly crippling businesses through the busy pre-Christmas period. It is tacit that both folks and organizations all over the country have been under attacked in past few days by an email purporting to be from Microsoft, which says receivers to upgrade their accounts for the reason of not having available storage space. Individuals following these directions

  • Scam of Satyam

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    Scandal at Satyam: Truth, Lies and Corporate Governance When terrorists attacked Mumbai last November, the media called it "India 's 9/11." That tragedy has been succeeded by another that has been dubbed "India 's Enron." In one of the the biggest frauds in India 's corporate history, B. Ramalinga Raju, founder and CEO of Satyam Computers, India 's fourth-largest IT services firm, announced on January 7 that his company had been falsifying its accounts for years, overstating revenues and inflating

  • Tax Scam Essay

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    fall victim to tax scams every year. The IRS has put together a list of what it sees as the top 12 scams that people should be aware of not just now but throughout the year. The IRS warns not to fall prey to the following: 1. Identity Theft – especially around tax time, is at the top of the list. The IRS continues aggressive pursuit of criminals who file fraudulent returns using someone else’s Social Security number. Remain vigilant to avoid becoming a victim. 2. Telephone Scams – Threatening phone

  • 2g Scam and Its Effect

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    The 2G spectrum scam in India involved the issue of 1232 licenses by the ruling Congress-led UPA alliance[1] of the 2G spectrum to 85 companies[1] including many new telecom companies with little or no experience in the telecom sector at a price set in the year 2001. The scam involved allegations regarding the under pricing of the 2G spectrum by the Department of Telecommunications which resulted in a heavy loss to the exchequer, and the illegal manipulation of the spectrum allocation process to

  • The Bihar Fodder Scam

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    to evaporate" (Long, 2004, p.17-18). India has witnessed many scams over the years, and the number keeps increasing by the day. It is most commonly the chief ministers, state and central ministers and members of various political parties who are often reported for their involvement in scams. This article presents a descriptive and exploratory analysis of informal money transfer relating to one such infamous case of 'Bihar Fodder Scam'. The article also delves into the core ethical issues involved

  • Scams As A Victimless Crime

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    Scams can destroy any human life and destroy them emotionally, physically and financially. Fraud was labeled as a victimless crime. Years ago fraud was labeled as a victimless crime. Victims were usually considered to be dupes who allowed themselves to be fleeced by smarter people, dubbed con artists. People even more advanced that are criminals can be called a homicidal artist. People that are attached to murders, armed robber, etc. Another type of fraud is when criminals propose or inflate returns

  • Scams Associated With Cybercrime

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    for his or her image to be positively affected. Identity theft is a major form of cybercrime and it is essential for society to acknowledge the gravity of the matter in order to be able to effectively fight against criminals using it. What types of scams are associated with the cybercrime? While identity theft was present in society previous to the appearance of the internet, this medium has provided thieves with an intriguing method to steal identities from people without even having to leave their

  • 1. House Removals In order to move house successfully, you need plan appropriately, with everything

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    1. House Removals In order to move house successfully, you need plan appropriately, with everything from packing to unloading needing to be considered. When moving house you will need to get the basics done right, something that our Hampton domestic removal services can help you with. We are specialists in TW12 home removals, with years of experience, highly skilled staff and an ever-expanding fleet of vans; our team is primed and ready to handle your house relocation. When it comes to removals within

  • Moving Company Katy : Professionals Helping For The Moving Process

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    Moving Company Katy: Professionals helping in the moving process Each year many families relocate from one place to another. The reasons for moving can be monetary issues, weather conditions, medical reasons or other such issues. The process of moving is very extensive and very stressful. For making this process easy you should hire moving company who will help you. There are a group of professionals who transfers your household goods from one location to another. Most of these companies offer transit

  • A Report On The Phishing Scams

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    Phishing scams are among the most prevalent forms of cybercrime, especially in the UK.3 Connect Group should ensure all employees are: • Wary of emails asking for confidential information, especially financial in nature. • Don’t feel pressured into providing sensitive information. • Familiarize yourself with Web site’s privacy policies. • Watch out for generic-looking request for information. • Never submitted sensitive information via forms embedded within email messages. • Never use links in