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  • Historical Perspective Of Django Unchained And Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

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    Ricardo Godinez Professor Dew History of Film November 21, 2017 Wild, Wild West Intro Historical Perspective Both films were made for different reasons and made different impacts during their time of release. For Django Unchained, the film showed the horror of slavery before the civil war. Showing slaves being eaten by dogs to slaves fighting to the death, makes an unconventional film for its time and raised a lot of controversy considering the movies historical accuracy. The horror of slavery

  • Link Carter: A Short Story

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    THEY WERE coming at her hard and fast. They’d be on her in three winks. The old woman in the café’s doorway crossed her arms on her aging breasts, bracing for them, damn them. They flew on past her; six trail-fevered Texans whooping and hollering and flogging their ponies with their hats hurtling at a pool of bright light down the street. The vortex of their passing tugged at her skirts and mussed up her fine copper hair. She waved a hand irritably at their dusty wake as they fled their slick fork

  • The Staggering Number of Styles and Genres of Lutheran Church Music

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    CHAPTER 1 ERHARD BODENSCHATZ AND THE FLORILEGIUM POTENSE Lutheran church music in its first two and a half centuries can be characterized by the incorporation of a staggering variety of styles and musical genres. Plainchant, imitative polyphony, and chorale hymnody existed alongside one another, and composers such as Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) and Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630) were among the first to synthesize elements of Monteverdi’s seconda pratica with a fully German practice. Fruits

  • Lascia Ch'Io Pianga Analysis Essay

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    The analysis of the aria “Lascia ch'io pianga” by Haendel according to the thorough bass method, shows us how the composer refer in this piece to the typical compositional procedures of baroque music. The aria starts with a pedal (frame, according to Joel Lester's terminology) followed by a cadence harmonized according the regle de l'octave both in ascending and descending motion (MM. 5-8). The second episode starting at M. 8 consists of a sequence, precisely a modified sequence, in which the

  • The Trombone Research Paper

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    played in jazz, concert, solo, and symphony playing(The Art of Trombone Playing, Page 2). The trombone plays on the bass clef. It is completely different notes than most woodwind instrument. Trombone has a tone a level lower than instruments that are played on treble clef. The tenor trombone is played on bass clef and others are also. The trombones have different tones, for example the bass trombone has a lower pitch than the tenor trombone. Together these instruments sound in harmony and

  • Bethoven´s Monnlight Sonata History

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    with the utmost delicacy and without damper. From the interpretations of his instructions, it can be concluded that Beethoven wanted this movement to be interpreted with sensitivity and colour. The bass line is a prominent feature in texturizing the movement. The most distinctive characteristics in the bass line are its Neapolitan chords which are strategically placed amidst chords of double octaves. This prevents the movement sounding too much like a lullaby and adds more colour and tension. The movement

  • Penguin Ballet Analysis

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    atmospheric state, film music will always have different purposes between different films. Penguin Ballet by Nigel Westlake was composed to focuses upon the graceful, almost ballet like movements of the penguins underwater. Whereas, Writings on the wall by Sam Smith conveys ideas and messages which will be expressed throughout the film, especially through the use of lyrics. Although positioned within the film to provide contrasting messages, both these songs use similar musical elements to support the piece

  • When You Break Up In A Small Town Essay

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    Jessica Vera 11/15/15 MUSC200 Paper 5 The song I selected is called “When you break up in a small town” by Sam Hunt. This song is 100 percent a break up song and sings about how he feels about his former girlfriend. Sam Hunt sings about how living in such a small town with his ex girlfriend is going to be very hard because with so little streets in his town he feels that no matter where he goes, he is going runs into her. They both slow down for the same curves, flip through the same radio satiations

  • Short Story Of Charlie's Life

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    said glaring at Bass. “It is my office,” Bass answered as he bent down to gather his papers, moving towards his desk. “Not you!” Miles bitched, “Her!” he said pointing in Charlie’s direction. “She’s been missing for a while now and Maggie’s about to have my head on a platter if she isn’t returned to her rooms immediately. I should have known that I’d find her here with you,” he frown taking in her nightclothes and blanket. Charlie’s mouth fell open at the insinuation as Bass looked in Miles

  • Analysis Of Bass ' Concerns About Charlie 's Life

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    As the weeks went by, Bass’ concerns about Charlie 's motives slowly diminished. She continued to stay close to him and the children and “Connor” was never mentioned again. In fact, after those first few disorienting days, Charlie had never mentioned her dream world again even though she still didn’t feel as though she belonged here. Granted, she was no longer able to imagine not being a mother, showering Sunny and Ethan with all the attention and love she felt that she had never received, nor