Satellite imagery

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  • Image Registration Matching Colors By Using Mosaic Image For Baghdad City

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    and problems of overlapping satellite images. Registration algorithms calculate, analysis and assess of transformations to determine relationship between congruity two satellite images. The goal of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of the existing literature available on image registration methods, and

  • Land Development Essay

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    Construction/Job Site Inspections Land Development Another great use for drones in field of land development is for conceptual site plans. Too often we find ourselves trying to decipher a pixelated Google Earth map that hasn’t been updated in the last couple of years. This is especially handy when looking at redeveloping sites, since there is often not much original design information available from the seller or local jurisdictions. The two images below are aerial shots taken above the same site

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Geospatial Satellite Imagery

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    decade, the ability of large financial institutions to accurately predict changes in the price of financial securities by using advanced technology has increased exponentially (Bloomberg). Specifically, the introduction of affordable geospatial satellite imagery has enabled investment managers to estimate crop yields, oil supply, and livestock quantities with low margins of error. This information is used to inform trading decisions, which often result in large profits (Woyke). While extremely useful

  • Satellite Imagery Based Analysis Of Archaeological Looting

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    committed are not readily known, such as the destruction and looting of historical areas and heritage sites. Published in Near Eastern Archaeology, an article named “Satellite Imagery-Based Analysis of Archaeological Looting in Syria” tackles this issue. In it Jesse Casana, the author, explains how his team is using satellite imagery (along with ground reports) to track the widespread looting across Syria. Casana is currently an Associate Professor at Dartmouth College, in the Department of Anthropology

  • Economic Impact Of The Space Race

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    technology and spaceflight, which spurred many significant inventions and events. Some of these inventions and events include the first-ever landing on the moon, the first artificial satellite to be launched into the Earth’s orbit, the establishment of NASA, the invention of the microprocessor computer, the invention of satellite communication technology, and other direct and indirect impacts. Each of the different events and inventions that spawned from the space race have had significant impacts on the

  • A Study On Radarsat 1

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    RADARSAT-1 was a satellite launched by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in 1995 that incorporated a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensor operating in the C-band (frequency of 5.3 GHz). RADARSAT-1 stopped transmitting because of a technical problem in March 2013. The RADARSAT-1 images were ordered from the Alaska Satellite Facility website ( The RADARSAT satellite was designed with seven SAR imaging beam modes. Each beam mode offers a different areal coverage (from ~50 km x 50

  • U.s. National Security : The World 's Largest Country Essay

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    With the focus on terror-based groups and the Middle East over the last fifteen years, many in the United States (US) are unfamiliar with the threat more conventional nation-states pose to the country’s national security. China, Iran, and Russia are seen as the three biggest threats to U.S. national security. Although Russia does not dominate the intelligence disciplines of HUMINT, OSINT, and cyber, its strengths in SIGINT, IMINT, and MASINT make it the biggest threat to the US. HUMINT Russia’s

  • The Effects Of Space Debris

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    debris. Debris origin A- Mission related debris. Space scientists sometimes overlook the amount of debris ejected into space during the satellite launch process. In fact, satellite launches are responsible for approximately 12 percent of the current space debris in Earth’s orbit (International Academy of Astronautics 2005). During the launch process, satellites eject debris of varying sizes into space. Some of the debris stays in space much longer than others. For example, the upper stage of the

  • Difference Between Climate, Weather And Meteorology

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    Alejandro Delapena Atmospheric Sciences 100 May 11, 2016 Austin Harris Meteorology Essay Part one: Explain the difference between Climate, Weather and Meteorology. Despite the fact that weather, climate and meteorology are correlated; all three topics differ from each other. With this out of the way, meteorology is defined as the study of both the atmosphere’s climate and weather. The main difference in between climate and weather is that they are determined by time; meaning that weather is

  • The Evolution and Importance of Reconnaissance Satellites Essay

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    reconnaissance imagery. The first photographic reconnaissance satellite program was the codenamed Discovery. These first satellites could see objects as small as 35-40 feet and once they ejected their film capsule, the satellites were forced to reenter and burn up in the atmosphere. The latest declassified satellite is from the late 1970s and can focus on objects as small as 5.5 inches. Instead of using a film canister, the KH-11 series of satellites uses a digital sensor and communications satellites. Because