Scottish country dance

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  • The History Of The Jig

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    Jig The Jig is an exciting, lively folk dance performed in leading musicality. The word ,"Jig" originated from the French word, giguer, which means ‘to jump’.The Jig was popularly performed as a unique form of dance entertainment throughout England; commonly the Jig has a history of being displayed in many English plays. Ireland and Scotland took the Jig under their wing in the seventeenth century, where now the Jig plays a major part in these countries ' performance culture. The Jig includes many

  • Scottish Folk Music

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    Scottish folk music also traditional Scottish music is music that uses the forms that are identified as part of traditional Scottish music. There is evidence that there is a growing culture of popular music in the late medieval Scotland, but the only song with a melody to survive from this period is "Pleugh Song". After the Reformation, the tradition of popular secular music continued, despite efforts by Kirk, especially in the lowlands, to suppress dancing and events such as weddings cent. The first

  • Essay On Bagpipe

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    result, Highland regiments began to be involved. From here on in, the Scottish bagpipe soon became very popular all over the world. Soon enough, huge numbers of people wanted to train for military service. This was for the first and second world wars. Unfortunately, the use of the traditional bagpipes used in Europe began to decline. Other instruments soon took over the bagpipes. Today, the bagpipes are often used in countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. They are often being played

  • Graduation Speech : Alma College

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    like internships, study abroad semesters and research fellowships. Each student that is accepted is given up to $2,500 from the college. Alma College offers over 50 degree programs that include a wide range of majors. These include everything from dance to German to Integrative Psychology to New Media Studies. As an alternative to traditional majors, students may create their own Program of Emphasis (POE) that allows them to work one-on-one with faculty to create their own customized major that is

  • England Is The Most Populated County Of The United Kingdom

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    Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. It also includes 100 smaller islands. It also is the birthplace of The English language, the Anglican Church, and English law. It also created the basis for the common law legal systems of many other countries around the world. Which has been widely adopted by other nations. Landscape The landscape of England mostly consists of low hills and plains, especially in central and the southern part of England. Also there are uplands in the north Like the

  • Taking a Look at Celtic Music

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    industry are basically bastardizing what they felt was more important than making a quick buck, thus making people really forget where and how Celtic music got started. It can be easy for people to think that Celtic music is originated in one specific country, but that is not the case. So what exactly IS traditional Celtic music? Not to be confused with the basketball team, the Boston Celtics, which the pronounced with the soft ‘c’ pronunciation, so literally

  • Safe Standing Zone Research

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    Lit Review The aim of this study is to research whether the major clubs in Scottish Football, such as Celtic’s fans would welcome the idea of ‘Safe Standing Zones’ and whether they should be implemented in the Scottish game at all levels. There has been widespread debate to introduce safe standing zones at premier league stadia in Scotland from outlets such as the media to the actual football clubs themselves. The study will look to move past the Taylor Report conducted in 1990 (Cox et al, 2002)

  • Mary, Queen of Scots Essay

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    both of her twin brothers had died before she was born at Linlithgow Palace, Scotland. Seven days after Mary was born, James V, died and his infant daughter succeeded to the Scottish throne. Mary Stewart became Mary, Queen of Scots. In 1547 an English invasion led to the military occupation of the country. By 1548, the Scottish were actively seeking French aid and betrothed their young queen to the French dauphin Francis, the son of Henry II, on the condition that Henry send an army to Scotland to

  • World Music: The Emotional Effect of Music Essays

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    This instrument gives off a feeling of movement when accompanied with the African dance gives an even deeper meaning to the music. These instruments are important to the culture as they used this instrumental music to accompany a dance to express spiritual and cultural of their everyday lives. (12) The music clip that I have chosen features these two instruments for a feel of the climate and area of the country. The emotion and inner visualization which in communication terms is known as self-talk

  • North Carolin The Legacy Of The English

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    In 1792, the state legislature had to decide where to place the state capitol. The capitol was created as a planned capital city. As a nod to the state’s early history, the capital was named Raleigh after Sir Walter Raleigh in deference to his original plan to build a “Cittie of Raleigh” in his first colony. (Powell, 1989, p. 212). The most obvious influence of English settlement in North Carolina is the legacy of the English language, the English system of weights and measures, which ironically