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    Kamryn stared out over the scene of decay and neglect, silence ruled here and dusk was eternal. The once impressive city from centuries passed lay forgotten beneath the busy over world built atop it, sealing it away from memory to all but a few. Kamryn smiled, be it ever so humble, this place was home. Down here he made the rules and was king; from down here he led his groups fight for existence. Above them in the massive one world city Cybreds ruled. Once beings of flesh and blood, now genetically

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    The candy wrapper seemed to be apprehensive as it was blown across the course desert sand; a strange sight. Brian seemed uneasy. Evidence of first gen humans was rare. Something was off. Brian trudged on, with his cart, he had a productive day. “How ya doin’ Mrs. Rodney!” Chortled Brian. “You got my stuff,” she, a middle aged women, replied, her impatience palpable. “Calm down, I got what you wanted and even more.” “ Fine, I have your food. It isn’t much, but you should be fine.” “ Ok thanks,

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    James recovers the Evil Chess King piece from his pocket. He throws it into the air. The item wakes, hovers and glides to the right sparkling door. That door turns black. The piece floats to the left door. It turns sparkling blue. James crosses toward it. EXT. PARALLEL EARTH – WE-NEG'S CASTLE - DAY James appears in a slowing fashion. Jocelyn materializes beside him. Trenton stands ahead of them with his arms crossed and James becomes startled, his eyes widen. He hides behind Jocelyn. JAMES

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    James turns around, sees her. He immediately rubs his pant legs fast. They cross over toward each other. SAN-TAN (CONTD) I'm San-Tan, was that an earth-rubbing ritual? JAMES Hi, I'm James, I'm uncertain what it is, but they do teased me about it at school. SAN-TAN You, earthlings, have strange desires, but this girl's question still stands. JAMES I sorry for trespassing, but I'm in a hurry. I must finish my task. James walks away. San-Tan looks at James with squinted eyes, runs up behind

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    Deponia Doomsday is the fourth installment in German situated studio Daedalic Entertainment's Deponia series, which was originally envisioned as a trilogy. Deponia games are known for their humorous storylines, creative puzzle design, and their cast of colorful and bit out there characters. Deponia Doomsday manages to capture the essence of what made 90s era point-n-click games remarkable, and infuse modern design sensibilities simultaneously. But leave all that aside, as the only pertinent question

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