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  • Taking a Look at the Shard

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    The view at the top of the Shard is breath-taking. London is seen all around you like a moving tapestry. The View, which is situated on floors 68, 69 and 72 of the Shard, is twice the height of any other platform in London. It has been London’s long awaited attraction where people enjoy 360 degree views for up to 40 miles. Our sense of vision in this day and age is key to understanding and acknowledging everything around us. In architecture the idea of uniqueness is taken from the use of light and

  • Creative Writing: Shard

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    Shard sleepwalked through the doorway into the scarlet lighting and Robin followed. The moment her foot passed the threshold she felt her heart rocket in her chest and the fight or flight reflex kicked in. She held her place A corpse of a something with a multitude long stick like legs and scythe appendages nestled under its breast rest twisted in the corner. It reminded her of a praying mantis. She looked from the body to the broken door. “You ripped down didn’t you?” She looked back to the mantis

  • A Single Shard Analysis

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    Everyone faces challenges in different ways and they overcome them in different ways. A Single Shard was about an orphan boy named Tree-ear facing difficulties trying to learn how to be a master potter. Tree-ear learned that if he didn’t attempt to show Emissary Kim the single shard which broke from the trip to Songdo, he would have never gotten Min the commission and Tree-ear would have never learned to be a master potter. His best friend, Crane-man helped him with meaningful words that make Tree-ear

  • A Single Shard Summary

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    A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park is a historical fiction book set in Korea around the twelfth century. The story follows an orphan boy by the name of Tree-ear as he becomes obsessed with pottery and earns an apprenticeship with a local potter by the name of Min. One day word arrives that a royal will be coming to the village to evaluate the potters and choose one to commision. The royal emissary enjoys Min’s pottery and asks if Min would make and bring more samples to the city of Songdo, but Min

  • A Short Story Of Arcia

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    Winter was here. Snow fell from the sky in waves, spraying the town with whiteness. Ice patches formed on sidewalks, causing pedestrians to slip and fall when they weren’t careful enough. Cold winds tore at everyone’s skin, and the sky was a bleak plaster-white. Men, women, and children alike all avoided the wintry weather as much as they could - in houses, in cars, and even in bus stops. But for the students at Crosby Heights, they were going through something entirely different. As much as

  • A Single Shard Quote Analysis

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    weakness of Min is that he is too much of a perfectionist. One One quote that shows Min is a perfectionist is "If ever you learn to make a pot it will not be for me... The potter's trade goes from father to son," on page 95 from the book "A Single Shard". This quote proves that Min will always follow the rules regardless of anything else. A perfectionist is one who always follows the rules and needs everything to be exact. The quote above shows that Min will not teach anyone but his own son to

  • Shard Academy: A Fictional Narrative

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    Shard Academy: the last place I expected to be. The only reason I enrolled there was to rebel against my parents who ruthlessly tried to make me enroll in Fragment or Ridgeview. They conflicted with each other about my future, which was something I didn't like to worry about that much. But thanks to that, I never made friends and never had a life that a kid should have. But it's not that bad, not really. Just annoying. They always expected a lot from me but I just wanted to follow my own path. I

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mongodb

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    What is MongoDb? MongoDB (from humongous) is a free and open-source cross-stage record situated database program.which is Named a NoSQLdatabase program, MongoDB utilizes JSON-like reports with mappings. MongoDB is produced by MangoDb Inc. what's more, is free and open-source, distributed under a blend of the GNU Affero Overall population Permit and the Apache Permit. Primary components • Ad hoc questions • Indexing • Replication • Load adjusting • File stockpiling • Aggregation

  • Summary Of Chapter 8 Of Single Shard

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    In chapter 8 of Single Shard the royal emissary returned to Ch’ulp’o, Korea to see if any of the other potters from his first visit had new pottery to show him. A messenger was sent to see if Min had anything new, but Min just shooed him away.The emissary really liked Min’s work so he went to Min’s house in person to see if he had anything. The emissary wanted Min to send new pottery, so he could get a commission. The emissary told Min that he would be in Songdo and that if he wanted to send anything

  • Review Of The Book 'Scorpion Shards' By Neal Shusterman

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    I read the book “Scorpion Shards” that was written by Neal Shusterman. This book or plot is really fast pace, unique, and keeps you thinking and on the edge of your seat for the entire book. You never really know how the characters make their decisions or how they’re going to end up at the end. In this book six teens suffer from supernatural tragedies or powers that were caused by a supernova sixteen light-years away that eliminated the night sky. Dillon, Deanna, Winston, Tori, Michael, and Lourdes