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  • The Whiskey and Shay Rebellion Essay

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    There were many rebellions in the United States history, some peaceful and some violent. Shays' Rebellion in 1786 and the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 are examples of two brutal rebellions that led to death of many innocent people. Rebellions can develop due to many conditions including unfair laws, unfair treatment, and a disagreement over a sensitive topic. The Shays' Rebellion showed the Articles of Confederation was too weak, while the Whiskey Rebellion proved the Constitution to be a strong framework

  • Shays ' Rebellion : Authority And Distress

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    In the book “Shays’ Rebellion: Authority and Distress in Post-revolutionary America”, Sean Condon shows us his outlook on how he saw post-revolutionary America to be within the late 1770’s and 1780’s. This book was released in 2015 by John Hopkins University Press, and was also made in a continuing book series by Peter Charles Hoffer and Willamjames Hull Hofer called Witness to History. The story takes us "Throughout the late summer and fall of 1786, farmers in central and western Massachusetts organized

  • What Were The Causes Of Shays Rebellion

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    The new government at the time was not ready for this rebellion and many feared this movement. This would be later know as Shays’ Rebellion. This rebellion would be led by a man known as Daniel Shays. “Daniel Shays' parents emigrated from Ireland to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1730s” (Shays). Daniel was born in the Massachusetts along with five others siblings. He would later grow up and marry Abigail Gilbert before he left for war. Shays’ military skills grew quickly and rapidly. He started

  • Daniel Shays As An American Officer

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    Daniel Shays Daniel Shays served role as an American officer in the American Revolution from 1775 to 1780 and also became known as one of the leaders of Shays Rebellion, which lasted from 1786 to 1787. In 1780 he resigned from the army, and settled in Pelham, Massachusetts, where he held numerous town offices. Soon after, wealth reigned in America at the signing of the peace treaty in 1783, but was quickly transformed into a severe economic depression. He began his rebellion when property holders

  • Essay on Shay's Rebellion

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    “I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing” (Jefferson). Thomas Jefferson wrote these words in a letter to James Madison after hearing about Shay’s Rebellion while he was a foreign diplomat in Paris. After the rebellion happened, the “Shaysites” as they were called, were labeled as traitors to their country and the democratic form of government. But were they really? Many of the men fighting in the rebellion felt that they were being oppressed just as they had been under

  • Economic Conflict Of Shays Rebellion

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    David Szatmary proposed in his book “Shays’ Rebellion The Making of an Agrarian Insurrection” that Shays’ Rebellion can be more fully understood as an economic conflict that originated from a clash between a commercial society and a traditional way of life. The conflict between the New England yeomen farmers who refused to embrace the new commercial society due to the fact that they were more pleased with the traditional way of life. Szatmary states that yeomen farmers where accustom to trading with

  • Shays Rebellion Research Paper

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    and trials of royal officials to be held outside of New England. Third was the Quartering Act, governor’s requisition housing for British troops. Fourth Quebec Act, allowing freedom of worship to Canadian Catholics. Which all lead to Shays Rebellion. Shays Rebellion was a series of protests. How it lead to the constitution because it was the most dramatic social, political and economic struggle. Reason for Electoral College was because the people were not smart enough to pick their president.

  • What Are The Causes Of Shays Rebellion

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    Shay’s Rebellion was a series of protests that occurred in the mid-1780’s. The rebellion happened because farmers in the colonies could not afford to pay their debts left over from the revolution. This resulted in their debts becoming larger and larger until many of them were sentenced to debtors’ prison, something that is now illegal. What was once a small group of farmers, slowly began to gain more support and rise against how the government was dealing with their debt. It began with the American

  • Causes Of Daniel Shays Rebellion

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    Daniel Shays was a former officer in the Continental Army (Schultz, 2009). After the war, the economy took a turn for the worse, especially the farmers. The farmers’ income had fallen dramatically due and they were at risk of losing their farms, as well as going to jail for failure to pay their debts. In Massachusetts, a tax increase caused additional worries for the farmers. Some small towns in Massachusetts pleaded with the assembly regarding the taxes and lawsuits. However, their request

  • How Did The Colonists Manage The Outcome Of The War?

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    outcome of the war? It seemed as if it would be impossible to defeat Great Britain. George Washington was leading an army that consisted of 20,000 men. Some men were young, poor and did not have land or any skills, Women were also a part of this rebellion by helping those who were hurt from fighting, sick, and simply by cooking and cleaning up after one another. Slaves were also participants in the war. While Great Britain had about 50,000 volunteers plus another 30,000 men that were from Germany