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  • Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

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    Ketogenic Diet Side Effects During the first few weeks of adopting a ketogenic diet, you may experience some side effects as your body transitions from burning glucose for energy (as it’s been doing for decades) to burning fat for energy. This is a transition period where your body undergoes certain biological adaptions, including an increase in fat breakdown and a reduction in insulin. When this occurs, your liver will produce large amounts of ketones to supply energy for your brain. Side effects

  • Controversy Over the Atkins Diet Essay

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    Atkins Diet After much research on the Atkins diet, I have come to the conclusion that, although the Atkins diet has its positive aspects, there are far more negative aspects to this diet. The Atkins diet stresses that people reduce their carbohydrate consumption and increase protein and fat consumption, which in turn can potentially lead to many physical problems for people following this diet. Some people are not fully aware of all the potential risks that come a long with following a diet such

  • Harmful Effects of the Atkins Diet Essay

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    Harmful Effects of the Atkins Diet It is safe to say that the Atkins Diet is not as harmless as everyone would like to think. Originally, the disadvantages were not taken into account because desperate dieters were interested in partaking in a seemingly easy way to lose weight. However, plenty of negative side effects have been shown to support the fact that the Atkins plan is more harmful than people realized. These negative side effects range from headaches and dizziness, to the more

  • Taking a Look at the Tapeworm Diet

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    variety of diets, supplements, and weight-loss products to choose from. The tapeworm diet is a quick and significant way to lose weight. This method involves consuming parasites called tapeworms, which possibly can cause a person to become seriously ill and can even lead to fatal complications. To follow this diet, a person ingests tapeworms that go on to absorb some of the food that he or she eats, causing them to lose a significant amount of weight. Doctors don’t approve of this diet to be a safe

  • Aspartame In Soda Research Paper

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    Headline: Aspartame in Soda: Is It Safe? Keywords: sweetener, aspartame in soda, safety, diet drink, side effects Page Description: The use of sweetener aspartame in soda in has been confirmed to have no safety issues. Controversies had risen that its usage in the diet drink might cause side effects. Text: { Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in diet drink like Coke. It is a sweetener having 200 times sweetness as compared to sugar. This sweetener is usually sold in the name of NutraSweet

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Epilepsy

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    Epilepsy is defined as, a neurological disorder where reoccurring abnormal electrical activity occurs in the brain with several biological side effects; such as, loss of consciousness and convulsions. This chronic disease affects nearly 2 million Americans with more patients being diagnosed yearly. The procedure for diagnoses is done using blood tests, neurological exams, and scans using MRI and CT machines. The cause of these epileptic episodes are unknown, and require constant monitoring by the

  • Hormones And Its Effects On Prescription Drugs

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    talking to my doctor, I had two options; I could take artificial hormones or I could try to change my diet and take vitamins to get my body to regulate its own hormones. After researching both treatments, I found out that each had their benefits. Artificial Hormones perform quicker than diet and vitamins. Artificial hormones can induce a dependency on prescription drugs and have serious side effects. Diet and vitamins can benefit other divisions of your body. It was a tough choice because I wanted to

  • Determining The Predictor Variables Of A Predictor Variable Is Very Small For The F Test

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    QUESTION 1 Answer (a): According to this problem, the p value is very small for the F test. Hence, the null hypothesis needs to be rejected (Conclusion). This basically means that at least 1 of the predictor variables seems to have a linear relationship with the outcome variable. We don’t know which outcome variable it is. The null hypothesis for this F test says that all slopes of each and every predictor variable in the regression model equal to 0 – this basically means that each of the predictor

  • Obesity : Are There Any Surprising Phen375 Side Effects?

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    Are There Any Surprising Phen375 Side Effects? Unfortunately, obesity has become somewhat of a lifestyle disease in the past few decades. This means that people tend to lead dangerous and/or dismissive lifestyles that lead to high weight gain. On top of this stress, it’s not a secret that losing said weight is a long and strenuous task for most people. Most people simply don’t have the time and energy to spend hours at the gym several times a week, so they fail to shed those pounds. In addition

  • Diet Supplements

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    Supplements To Consider Taking When on a Diet Introduction In the ongoing struggle to lose weight, we are all constantly looking for help. Fortunately, there are weight loss pills that can assist with the weight loss journey. Below, we will discuss some diet pills that can be used in conjunction with a low fat, low calorie diet to help curb the appetite and get rid of unwanted pounds. Orlistat Orlistat, available over the counter under the name Alli, is an effective diet pill that helps block a percentage