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  • Descriptive Essay : Karate Floor

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    Since the tender age of 9, my parents dropped me off at Karate America to take Karate lessons. I knew it was where I belonged the moment I step foot onto their “Karate floor”, which was 8 wrestling mats sprawled across the ground. I was always discouraged to do other sports, I could never throw, catch, or run as well as all the other kids, but I found solace on the Karate floor. Here, it wasn 't about whether or not you could throw, the only thing that mattered is if you gave it your all. Karate

  • A Literature Review : Gracie Jiu Jitsu

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    FRAUDULENT JIU JITSU A Literature Review   Introduction Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a system of martial arts which has been tried and tested against other martial arts and street attacks for one hundred years, and has established a reputation for being as good of a hand to hand self-defense system as there is in the world. Recently, with jiu jitsu’s popularity growing, the system has begun to fall prey to imitators and fabricators attempting to cash in on the unsuspecting public. This literature review

  • Shodan Is A Web Index For Internet-Associated Gadgets

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    Presentation Shodan is a web index for Internet-associated gadgets. Web indexes, for example, Google and Bing, are incredible for discovering sites. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you're keen on finding. PCs running a specific bit of programming, (for example, Apache)? Or, then again on the off chance that you need to know which rendition of Microsoft IIS is the most mainstream? Or, then again you need to perceive what number of unknown FTP servers there are? About the Data

  • Iot Devices Essay

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    we are trying to solve preventing and protecting IoT devices from being hacked and organizing the data from the IoT devices so it would be monitored. Since many devices are connected to the Internet and can be hacked. It can also be detected by the Shodan search engine that is made to connect IoT devices.The problem is of interest because many IoT devices are connected to the Internet and our daily lifestyler relies on the digital world. Many IoT devices such as cameras, MRI monitors, and voice recognition

  • Electronic Control Systems And Its Effects On The Internet

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    ERIPP/SHODAN The ERIPP and SHODAN search engines can be easily leveraged to search for Internet facing ICS devices, allowing attackers to identify potential attack targets. These search engines are being actively utilized to find ICS access control systems over the Internet. Using these tools together with exploitation techniques and tactics, attackers can identify and access control systems with significantly less effort than ever before. ICS-CERT has issued an advisory warning the ICS community

  • Analysis Of Ryu, A Japanese Form Of Martial Arts

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    Wado Ryu, a Japanese form of martial arts, is not one of the most popular styles, but it is definitely one of the most effective styles to train in both mentally and physically. Wado Ryu has been a major part of my life since I started in 2007, and I 've made my way up the ranks to second degree black belt (nidan) since then. The research I did for this report helped me further my pursuit to be the best martial arts student I possibly can be. This uncommonly chosen topic intrigued me, because there

  • Not Everything That Can Be Counted Count Essay

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    The quote from Albert Einstein, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”, suggests to me that although many things have happened in the past not all of them have the same significance. For example the Second World War has a big significance but the true amount of damage inflicted on the world cannot be accurately counted. Whereas events such as the number of storms that happened in the last year can be counted but it doesn’t have the same impact on

  • The Intelligence Cycle: Informative Process

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    there are a wide-array of open and closed tools and sources for retrieving the data and information such as Internet research, underground forums, social media, news media, blogs, radio stations, honeynets, telemetry data, internal logs, VirusTotal, Shodan, external relationships, [insert

  • Dsu Student 's Journey For Black Hat And Beyond

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    DSU student’s journey to Black Hat and beyond Sara Chinn is a full-time online student with Dakota State University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Operations, and has an A.A.S. in Cyber Security and Digital Crime. Some of Chinn’s academic awards include the 2016 National Cyber Summit, 2015 Black Hat Las Vegas, 2014 PTO Iowa and the 2013 Women’s Aware/United Way. Her background includes 20+ years in various operating systems and servers. She has competed in multiple ISEAGE and National Collegiate

  • Internet Of Things And The Security Cameras

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    Internet of Things Sajni Sapre, Sonalika Parida, Anisha Gogia Informatics USC, Los Angeles,, Abstract Internet of Things (IoT) includes objects which communicate across a variety of networks. Things in terms of Internet of Things (IoT) encompass all those devices which have the ability to sense and/or control and transfer data between other devices using existing network technologies. Some of the examples are routers, switches, security cameras, control