Sir Henry Rawlinson

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  • History : History And History

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    impact on his education, Sir Henry did not remain long in this school. “Henry Creswicke Rawlinson was only under the influence of these teachers for less than two years and a half-from August 1824 to May 1826. But he was at an impressionable time of life, and he always attributed to this period of his education the firm hold which he obtained on the classical languages and the facility with which he could master the contents of almost any Latin or Greek prose book.” Sir Henry at the age of sixteen

  • Battle Of Amiens Research Paper

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    Led by British General Baron Rawlinson with the plan of a ten-division attack against a 10-mile front. The key to Rawlinson’s plan was to avoid the German bombardment he knew would come from their past battles. General Rawlinson wanted no customary artillery bombardment before the they engaged the enemy, instead tanks and the “storm troopers” from Canada and Australia led the ground

  • The Battle of Somme Essay

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    Haig expected a breakthrough of up to seven miles from the start line. Rawlinson believed they would take a “bite” into the German trenches to be followed by more little bites to gain territory. Both generals were proven wrong on their expectations, but Rawlinson’s was the more realistic objective. The artillery plan was that

  • A Brief Note On Ww1 And The Wwi Trenches

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    LIFE IN THE WW1 TRENCHES Contents Page Page 1: Contents Page Page 2: What were trenches? At which battle sites were trenches dug at? What were trenches like? What types of trenching were there? Page 3: WW1 trench warfare. What were the conditions in trenches like? What medical aid was there? Page 4: WW1 artillery What was shell-shock? What was the attitude towards soldiers with shell shock? How do modern governments and the military deal with these issues? Page 5: Bibliography

  • World War One Essay

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    Question and answer format of everything in world war 1 1. Machine guns: These weapons were first used in the American Civil War to devastating effect. But with World War One their effectiveness reached frightening new levels. Firing up to 600 bullets a minute (the equivalent of 250 men with rifles), Machine Guns were then deemed to be ‘weapons of mass destruction'. Machine guns would often be grouped together to maintain a constant defensive position. 2. Artillery: These were the new and upgraded