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  • Sorry Song Analysis

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    designed to accomplish this virtuous goal. Evidently, they demonstrate to be positively effective, through the countless response of the wider community. A powerful illustration that embodies a similar attitude, value and belief is Kerry Fletcher’s, Sorry Song. Written during the early years of indigenous rights, comes arguably one of the most iconic messages, of the Stolen Generation. Through purposefully using repetition and personification in each verse, Fletcher is without doubt singing in determination

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    knew that should the officer come into the house he would arrest her for her father’s name was on everything around the house. From the stolen goods to the stacks of money on the table. Brook never touched the stolen goods because she did not want to have anything to do with her father business. As for the money that was the only money that they had so brook made her own money honestly and used that to buy groceries. But her father did not know that she did it so she had to take a certain amount

  • Makayla's Story: A Narrative Fiction

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    “Hey that really hurt”, said the figure. “I am so sorry”, apologized Makayla. She began to run again, and suddenly tripped. “I wish there was something to be at my service.” Makayla looked behind her, and looked forward. A paper plane and a baseball bat appeared in front of her. Yes. She picked up the paper

  • Personal Narrative Story In My Life

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    It was an incredibly normal summer day. The sunlight on my skin was a euphoric distraction from the everyday stress of my life, the sound of the waves coming off Norway Lake a rhythm that nearly had me sleeping. The sand stinging my back and legs was a cruel reminder that the nirvana I was experiencing only came from forgetting what was really going on around me. My best friend Justin was going to be showing up soon. I had to work later that night, and my mother had a court date early in the morning

  • A Short Story : 'Now An Orphan'

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    walked over to the boy. “I can’t sleep. I just found out yesterday that my mom died in a car accident,” he said, trying to hold back tears. He didn’t look very old. Maybe seven or eight years old. There was a long silent pause. “Oh, sorry. I’m Jack by the way.” “Sorry about what happened to your mom. I kind of know how you feel,” I said, thinking about what had happened to my family. “What happened to your mom?” asked Jack, leaning forward with curiosity. “It’s a complicated story, but I guess we

  • The Stormy Night Short Story

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    Timmy’s Revenge “Bye Jimmy, I will text you tomorrow with my phone when you wake up in your bed like you do everyday.” Timmy called to Jimmy as he walked away into the dark stormy night. “Ok, that seems very specific, but that doesn’t matter, I just need to go home and get some sleep, it’s 3:00 AM.” Jimmy lazily called back to Timmy as he continued walking off into the night. “Well then Bye.” “See you tomorrow,” Jimmy called into the night as his voice faded away. The next morning Timmy watches

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Cornix

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    Cornix After the battle of New York and losing her fiancé, Meredith Ryder moved to a close by town called Greensville. The pain and loss of losing her love caused her to close herself off from her old life, she felt like she couldn't protect him more or less herself. She soon found herself taking boxing and doing different types of hand to hand combat, she even learned the presser points of the human body, she learned yet another thing other than boxing and hand to hand. She learned she had powers

  • Why Is Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry

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    “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Demi Lovato writes about about revenge in her song “Sorry not sorry.” Demi’s music represents the pop genre, which has a lot of songs about revenge. The best way to get over a heartbreak is revenge. Demi Lovato and other pop singers have had many experiences with heartbreaks, and they sing about revenge. Demi Lovato is from Dallas, Texas. She is 25 years old, her birthday is August 20, 1992. Demi got her start in acting when she was in Barney and friends. Musically

  • Sorry Not Sorry, It Is My Fault

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    Sorry…not sorry. Any “good” apology has three parts: Im sorry, it is my fault, what can I do to fix it. Most apologies are missing parts two and three. Most people have a hard time owning up to their own mistakes so they give a “no fault” apology. It’s an apology without an actual apology. In other words, “It’s the best way to say I’m sorry, without really meaning it” (Reilly 433). Public figures, such as an athlete, or celebrity use this apology mostly to do “major damage control for bad behavior

  • Sorry Of An Hour

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    “The sorry of an Hour” is the short story of Kate Chopin, the author, the main character Mrs. Mallard that learns her husband died railroad accident. When hearing the news of Mrs. Mallard’s tragic train accidents death in the newspaper his friend Richards come to the Mallard’s house where he and Mrs. Mallard’s sister Josephine to inform of Mrs. Mallard for Brently’s death by the second telegram and had hurry to tell friend in bearing the sad message in response, Mrs. Mallard weep at one before going