Social Penetration Theory

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  • Social Penetration Theory : Crazy, Love

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    Maggie Decena Professor McNelis September 22nd, 2017 Application of Social Penetration Theory The film Crazy, Stupid, Love depicts the dissolution of Cal Weaver’s once perfect life. High school sweethearts living in a suburban town with steady jobs and kids, Cal and his wife Emily share the illusion of a picture-perfect love story. However, when Emily reveals her act of adultery, she asks Cal for a divorce. Cal falls into a deep depression that leads him to bask in his sorrows at singles bars

  • Social Penetration Theory Is Defined As The Process Of Bonding

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    According to Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor, Social Penetration Theory is defined as the process of bonding that moves a relationship from superficial to more intimate. The theory can be perceived as a game plan for people, especially in a relationship. This can give you guidance on how to interact with individuals in order to establish a stable, and developing relationship through interpersonal communication. For example, when you encounter someone whom you’ve never met before, you may ask some

  • The Social Penetration Theory

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    The Social Penetration Theory People often times fail to realize how their communication can greatly impact their social interactions as well as aid in the formation of strong intimate relationships they may hold with their friends or even their significant other. We use communication in many forms, whether verbal or non-verbal to gain a better understanding of one another and to reduce our uncertainty towards each other. By allowing ourselves to take part in the communication process, we therefore

  • Social Penetration Theory And The Theory

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    Social Penetration Theory Yunsik Jung Western Kentucky University Abstract Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor originally created the Social Penetration Theory and the theory deals with the ways in which relationships develop and progress. It explains how communication enriches the relationship of two or more individuals. The theory states that closeness develops if communication begins at relatively shallow non-intimate levels and moves in gradual and orderly fashion to deeper more personal levels.

  • The Theory Of Social Penetration Theory

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    Selected Theory: Social Penetration Theory was created by Irwin Altman, the professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Utah, and Dalmas Taylor, who was provost and professor of psychology at Lincoln University before he passed away. This theory is used to describe the way people grow closer in a “gradual and orderly fashion from superficial to intimate levels of exchange as a function of both immediate and forecasted outcomes” (Altman & Taylor, 1973, pg. 96), which the authors of the theory

  • Social Penetration Theory

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    Founder of the theory The founders of the theory were Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor. Altman is a distinguished professor of psychology at the University of Utah whereby Taylor is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Arlington. Altman and Taylor developed this theory to provide an understanding of the closeness between two individuals. Apparently, social penetration is defined as a process that moves a relationship from non-intimate to intimate. The theory states that this

  • The Social Penetration Theory

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    that they desire in return. The Social Penetration Theory, The Expectancy Violations Theory and Constructivism all support this general conclusion that men and women weigh out the positive and negatives when deciding on continuing friendships through communication. People will only want to communicate with those whose incentives affect them positively and can be used to help further their successes. Argument The Social Penetration Theory The Social Penetration theory theorizes how the closeness in

  • The Social Penetration Theory Of Intimacy

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    The rise of social media has done many beneficial and many detrimental things to the world of relationships and communication. Social media has allowed people the ability to connect around the world, gain new perspectives on different cultures and has changed the status quo of the dating world. These days people look for significant connection by the swipe of their finger and the physical attractiveness one has prepared for their viewers. Due to social media we find that little by little people are

  • The Social Penetration Theory Of Communication

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    The Social Penetration Theory and Its Application to Plot Lines for Successful Films Everyone goes through situations in which they form new relationships with people they previously did not know. For example, when a student moves onto a college campus for his or her freshman year, the student will have to go through the process of making new friends and getting to know his or her roommate. The social penetration theory of communication explains how new relationships form and the levels a relationship

  • Essay On Social Penetration Theory

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    Social Penetration Theory (STP) explains the process of how relationships develop through self-disclosure. (Griffin, Ledbetter & Sparks 2015) Through self-disclosure, closeness develops as the relationship continues to grow. To present Social Penetration Theory, I am choosing to write about a personal experience on how my best friend Taylor and I became close. I will be explaining on how Taylor and I developed our relationship overtime through self-disclosure and personality structure. As Taylor