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  • Essay On Communities In Contact

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    Communities in Contact: How Conflicting Ideals Can Shape a Community If we do not have contact with others, would defining who we are even be necessary? The answer is no. If there were no other groups in which we communicated with, we would not need to separate ourselves. It is through interactions with other groups that we decide what will distinguish us as a people. This can mean the absorption of another’s ideals or the complete rejection of them. Either way, the contact is necessary for defining

  • Ghan The Empire Of Ghana

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    To start off, Empire Of Ghana was one of the most important civilizations that lived, a thousand years ago, Ghana was also a very powerful empire until it ended. When this civilization began was around 750 C.E. and Ghana ended around 1076 C.E. At one time, The Empire of Ghana got bigger than ever, which that was in the eighth century. The Empire of Ghana also made a shift in Western Africa. Kumbi Saleh was what Ghana’s capital was built on Sanara in a region, which is called Sanel, which was about

  • Sundiata and the Odyssey of Homer

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    A quest is the act or instance of seeking or pursuing something. In the books "Sundiata" and "The Odyssey of Homer", both of the main characters venture out on quests. Throughout each characters quest, they have goals they would like to achieve, obstacles that get in their way, and enemies they must face. Sundiata and Odysseus also receive some assistance along the way. Both characters also have a common goal to return to their homes after their quests are over. If their quests are successful they

  • Journey of Gilgamesh

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    Despite coming from two different parts of the world, Gilgamesh and Sunjata have many similarities within being an epic character. First, the two stories share the fundamental aspects, intrinsic upon epics. Both tales are told in a poetic format. In addition, the two tales both involve a hero who embarks on some sort of journey. For example, after witnessing the death of his good friend Enkidu, Gilgamesh has trouble coming to terms with his own mortality. In turn, he leaves Uruk hoping to find the

  • Syncretism: Adapting Religious Beliefs to Traditional Customs

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    Historically, the major religions of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism began to spread across Eurasia and Africa from the 5th century through trade routes and conquest. As these ideas and practices traveled to new and distance places, local populations adapted and transformed many of them in ways that reflected traditional beliefs and customs, also known as syncretism. The rise of rulers, such as Sundiata in Mali helps illustrate this process of partial adaptation, or syncretism, in order to get

  • A Battle Of Endings By James Cameron

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    Sundiata Short Essay Andrew Davis Professor Benander Topics in Literature 4 November 2012 A Battle of Endings It is widely believed that the ending makes the story. What would Titanic, the movie by James Cameron, be without its ending? In the epics of Kirikou and Sundiata, we see two distinctly different endings that would cause different responses from different audiences. The Treatment of the villain is significant in the end because it brings into question the judgment of the hero. Examining

  • The Epic Of The Iliad

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    “So I must be called of no account and a coward if I must carry out every order you may happen to give me. Tell other men to do these things, but give me no more commands, since I for my parts have no intention to obey you.” –Achilles (Homer, I. 294-296) Epics of the Divinely Ordained The epic of The Iliad tells the tale of a war being fought between the Achaian’s and Trojans over the claim of the most beautiful woman in the world—Helen. During the War, each character begins to bare the responsibility

  • Compare And Contrast Cortes Vs Sundiata

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    For many years people have argued over which type of evidence is better than the other, oral or written. Both oral and written evidence have unique advantages as well as disadvantages. The “Second Letter of Hernan Cortes to Emperor Charles V” is an example of written evidence while “Sundiata an Epic of Old Mali” is an example of oral evidence. Many would make the case saying Sundiata is more convincing evidence than Cortes’s letter, but I believe that Cortes’s letter is more convincing. The reasons

  • Question One. What Affected The ‘Variety Of Africa’S Historical

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    Question One What affected the ‘variety of Africa’s historical development’? Africa’s persistent poverty interrogates the continent’s past through institutions, government, demography, economics, colonialism, and the impact of the trading. The colonial era affected the variety of Africa’s historical development for it was quite the game changer since it put a halt to the continuous drain of scarce labor and paved the way for the expansion of land concentrated forms of agriculture, and engaging smallholders

  • Role Of Women In Sundiata

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    When it comes to the places and roles of women in Sundiata and in Malian society as depicted in the book Sundiata, women are held in a place very much unattached and unequal to men. Their roles, throughout the book, are defined only in relationship to men who hold higher positions of authority and often control the women with whom they are in relations with. Basically, the book takes place in a sort of patriarchal society while allowing women very few rights and powers. Like I had said before, they