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To start off, Empire Of Ghana was one of the most important civilizations that lived, a thousand years ago, Ghana was also a very powerful empire until it ended. When this civilization began was around 750 C.E. and Ghana ended around 1076 C.E. At one time, The Empire of Ghana got bigger than ever, which that was in the eighth century. The Empire of Ghana also made a shift in Western Africa. Kumbi Saleh was what Ghana’s capital was built on Sanara in a region, which is called Sanel, which was about 820 C.E. What the name Empire Of Ghana was a traditional honorific title of leaders in Wagadou. What that means is that the term that Ghana Empire relates to the title of the emperor, and that isn’t a geographic area. The Kingdom Of Ghana,…show more content…
The city of Ghana is around 1067 E.S.T. and 1,600 Km2 long. Ghana was established around 350 A.D.C. The Ghana Empire was located in Western Africa, which is today the one of the countries of Mauritania , Senegal, and The Mali Empire. Ghana is just on the south side of the Sonora desert and also mostly around the Savanna Grasslands. Next, Ghana was the word that soninke used for their king. The word Ghana came from “Warrior King” . Ancient Ghana was important because they derived power and wealth from gold and The Introduction of the camel, during the trans- Saharan trade increased the quantity of goods which were transported somewhere to the east. If a country pays a debt to the kingdom of Ghana through their name, no physical territory was shared within that country and the Kingdom Of Ghana. Folklore said the nominal link was due to migration of the survivors with the empire of Ghana which involves the attack. People believe that The Ghana Empire chose that name because it’s supported to be respectful. The biggest impact that ghana made was that Ghana made bigger land because when Ghana became under attack, they had a drought, and when that happened they had to get on boats and go to a bigger land. To continue again, The silk Road was found in in 200 B.C. and ended in 1300 A.D. The Silk Road people may think that it’s just one road. The Silk Road

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