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  • Characteristics Of Southern Gothic Literature

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    Jordan Cole English 1102 Professor Myszkowski 1 December 2017 Southern Gothic Literature Throughout the course of history, literature has gone through considerable changes. Dating back to its humble beginnings in folklore, fables, and storytelling all the way up to the scientific books and dramatic novels of today. Literature is arguably the centerpiece of all mankind. It is useful for record keeping, education, and bringing cultures and societies together. It has allowed us to expand our minds

  • Southern Gothic Literature

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    Southern Gothic Literature is a subgenre of literature that took place in the nineteenth century, inspired by Gothic writing from the previous century (Surber In Gothic writing authors oftentimes wanted to bring to light the conflicts they realized were occurring at the moment (Surber It was one of the most commonly written genres during that time. Containing very depressing stories, oftentimes in the horror category, Southern Gothic Literature focuses on deep feelings and

  • Southern Contemporary Literature : The Elements Of Southern Gothic Literature

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    Southern gothic literature, which is a sub-genre of the gothic writing style, is unique to the American South. Southern Gothic literature has many of the same aspects as Gothic literature, since they both focus on topics such as death, madness, violent and grotesque aspects. The difference is, that Southern gothic literature, elements such as irony, violence, social and unusual events are pretty much what help shape and mold the base of the story. Understanding the effects of each southern gothic

  • Irony In Southern Gothic Literature

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    writing a piece of southern gothic literature, which turns out to become a piece of more contemporary southern gothic literature. In southern gothic literature a majority of people think of the aged definition, but Stown shows us the more contemporary piece of writing. Mostly every element of southern gothic literature matches the classic definition, but the irony, outsiders, and social issues have a more contemporary definition. Stown is a piece of contemporary Southern Gothic Literature as a result of

  • Southern Gothic Literature Analysis

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    Southern gothic literature is a genre that is set in the American south. Oxford Dictionaries defines southern gothic literature as, “Characterized by plots involving violence or hidden trauma, eccentric and often psychologically troubled characters, and an atmosphere of repression and decay.” The genre is one of dark, complex stories that are full of grotesque themes, unpredictable twists, and often include characters that are somewhat delusional. It is often packed with mystery and intrigue, and

  • The Southern Gothic Genre Of Literature

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    The southern gothic genre of literature can be described as “plots involving violence or hidden trauma, eccentric and often psychologically troubled characters, and an atmosphere of repression and decay” (Oxford Dictionary). This dark, depressing theme found in literature is one that highlights the harsh realities that characters face in their own geographic area. It is vital for southern gothic stories to incorporate the theme of some type of external decay. In the texts Salvage the Bones and Swamplandia

  • Elements Of Southern Gothic Literature

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    What do you think of when you hear the words Southern Gothic Literature? There are many books and authors who associate with Southern Gothic Literature. Examples, Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner. Listen to be informed and learn about something in a new, yet old and interesting way. Violence, irony and decay make up the body and stories behind southern gothic literature. Stown is a contemporary Southern Gothic Literature, because it shows elements such as violence, irony and decay in a new

  • Southern Gothic Literature Analysis

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    relate to some of the problems John faces in S-Town. Most of these problems are derived from southern gothic characteristics within the podcast. The podcast uses many different southern gothic characteristics in order to make it more interesting. Many of the examples of these characteristics are more modern so that they relate to our current society. S-Town is a piece of contemporary Southern Gothic Literature because of its use of social issues, irony, and outsiders. Social issues in Woodstock such

  • Characteristics Of Southern Gothic Literature

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    Southern Gothic has shaped American society today. Southern Gothic appears in novels, movies, theater plays, nevertheless many other works. American society reflects the southern Gothic genre in many aspects of entertainment. Southern Gothic is a genre of southern writings that focus on grotesque themes. The genre had developed during the civil war in the twentieth century. The civil war had ultimately caused the end of slavery while leaving America devastated. America was economically failing

  • Southern Gothic Literature Analysis

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    Greg Iles wrote, “Southern Gothic is alive and well. It's not just a genre, it is a way of life.” Some people live these lessons everyday, but to some it is just basic literature. Southern Gothic Literature, as Iles said, is a way of life. It is not just the genre of a book. These writings are meant to embody the values of the south. These values shape the outcomes of many people’s lives. Decay, social issues, and southern setting have all contributed greatly to this. STown is a piece of contemporary