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  • Speech Codes And Cons Of Campus Hate Speech

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    have attempted to craft speech code regulations that restrict speech based on a fighting words approach, meaning they’ve tried to make hate speech on campuses punishable by applying the fighting words law into the college campus setting. As Timothy Shiell says in Campus Hate Speech on Trial they base this argument on three points: “1. The First Amendment does not protect fighting words. 2. Some campus hate speech constitutes fighting words. Thus 3. Campus hate speech codes punishing and preventing

  • Free Speech : The Importance Of Speech Codes

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    Speech codes are being set up in many universities across America and the globe. Most of these codes are propagated from the academic left, which tends to believe in postmodernism and Marxist philosophy. This runs counter to free speech and stands as an ideological threat to the freedoms enjoyed by western civilization. While not detailed further here, these threats stand from postmodern denial of the idea of Truth, the rejection of faith in science and reason, and the idea that human nature is only

  • Persuasive Speech On Dress Code

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    Dress codes are worldwide and many people have problems dealing with them. Uniforms or dress codes are implemented at both jobs and school. Some dress codes make it to where people cannot express who they are or how they may feel. Dress codes should be implemented but not as strict. Uniforms help many people financially, but that does not keep the issues such as bullying away. They also limit people to who they are and that is not okay. Lighten up on dress codes. Uniforms have been around for centuries

  • Banning Speech Codes On Campuses

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    culprit being unregulated speech. Many campuses are forming regulations on speech codes on campuses, others choose to remain unregulated. The decision is not put at ease with the first and fourteen amendment conflicting between the citizens’ rights to freedom of expression, and the right for equal educational opportunities. Is there a middle ground that allows individuals continue their education in the sanction of a college campuses while not infringing on others’ right to speech? The possibility is there

  • Persuasive Speech On Dress Code

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    don’t get distracted by backs or shoulders in class. Students should be able to create their own dress code for their school. Students should be able to create their own dress code because it’s unfair that we can’t dress the way we want and express ourselves through clothes. Secondly, its sexist towards female students we should be able to have authority on our personal appearance. Lastly, dress code is unreasonable girls and boys often wear clothes that will keep them cool because its very hot in the

  • Persuasive Speech On Dress Code

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    It's that time of the year again, back to school. As much as I'll miss my 15 year old daughter, I am so glad that we are back in session, that is unless we're talking about the Dress Code Blues. It is the third day of school today. My daughter casually informed us that she has already seen ten students get "dress coded". Now, the paraprofessional in me knows that you have to start the school year off strong. You enforce the rules early, and can relax a little once they are established and being followed

  • Dress Codes Persuasive Speech

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    they’ll choose one of two routes: be way too warm in their dress-code-conforming jeans and unable to learn effectively, or go to school apprehensively every day in something that they’re not sure will pass the test, but knowing that at least physically they’ll be comfortable throughout the day. Dress code season is coming, and middle and high school girls are soon to be going through this ordeal again. For this reason, dress codes should be abolished or at least lessened because they body-shame

  • Persuasive Speech On Dress Code

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    important ones, is the dress code. From experience, if a dress code is in place to have students dress up properly, then students for one, look nicer. Although, they also tend to act better. Personal appearance has a mental and emotional impact on how we will act for the day, as well as how we see the world. Traditionally I see better behavior with student that dress more formal. Some people may state that it doesn’t allow people to be themselves. This is true, but dress codes are actually meant to get

  • Persuasive Speech About Dress Code

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    Have you ever gotten dress coded? Well I have, even though what I was wearing wasn’t even bad. Schools have always had a problem with dress code, because students want to wear what they like! First, everyone expresses themselves in many different ways. When teens express themselves through their clothes they shouldn't get punished for it. Second, a dress code should not harm anyone's religion or heritage background. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about getting dress coded for the way they look, because

  • School Dress Code Persuasive Speech

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    identity issues.The problem with school dress code and opinions on how things should be done and classified have been around for years and years. So yes, make sure it is within the borders of decency and as long as it doesn't express anything offensive or threatening then let kids wear what they want! Therefore, students should have the ability to dress accordingly and not have to participate in wearing school uniforms. Studies have shown