Persuasive Speech On Dress Code

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In a recent survey took by high school students 94% of the students said they don’t get distracted by backs or shoulders in class. Students should be able to create their own dress code for their school. Students should be able to create their own dress code because it’s unfair that we can’t dress the way we want and express ourselves through clothes. Secondly, its sexist towards female students we should be able to have authority on our personal appearance. Lastly, dress code is unreasonable girls and boys often wear clothes that will keep them cool because its very hot in the beginning of the year yet people are too scared to wear certain things in fear of getting dress coded. Our students are being held accountable for a policy that is very unfair, sexist, and unreasonable.

Students should have the right to make their own dress code since it’s unfair that we can’t express ourselves through clothes and dress the way we want. Everyone has backs, shoulders, and even stomachs so why do girls have to change if those things are showing. Shauna Pomerantz argues in her article Cleavage in a Tank Top: Bodily Prohibition and the Discourses of School Dress Codes that students are starting to refuse to have this policy. This article claims “students have felt the need to resist this new generation of dress codes in order to fight for their right to look how they wish.”(1). She says this because students should be able to express themselves how they want through their style. We can’t

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