Spotted Owl

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  • Controversy Surrounding The Spotted Owls And Their Ecosystem

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    The spotted owls in western North America still exist today, despite being an endangered species. There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the species regarding their habitat because their habitat is desired and used by logging companies. These owls tend to reside in old forests as they prefer old trees which are also preferred for logging. There has been plenty of controversy on whether or not logging companies should be put to a halt in forests that these owls reside in, which involve balancing

  • Spotted Owl, Flying Squirrel, Truffle Symbiosis

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    own adaptations. The point is that there are many relationships that provide a basis and means for the survival of a variety of different species around the world. This relationship is very apparent in the scientific findings regarding northern spotted owls (Strix Occidentalis), flying squirrels (Glaucomys Sabrinus), and truffles, which can include many varieties but especially Tuber

  • The Spotted Owl, the Forest's Products Industry, and the Public Policy

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    The Spotted Owl, the Forest's Products Industry, and the Public Policy I. Introduction A. The Spotted Owl B. Logging Industry II. Conflicts of Interest A. Economic needs 1.Unemployment B. Preservation Needs 1.Endangered Species Act 2.Special Interest Groups III. Resolutions A. Possible Solutions B. Eventual Outcome 1. Loss of Interest a. Other Species Demand Attention 2. Migration 3. Repopulation Abstract The spotted owl was seen as a symbol of all things

  • Northern Spotted Owls Research Paper

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    Northern Spotted Owls Soaring high above the ground late at night, under the dark canopy of trees. Stooping down low to catch a small rodent. It flies back up into its nest, ready to eat. There is only one animal that matches all of these descriptions, and that’s an owl! A particular owl, called the Northern Spotted Owl, is a small brown bird that lives in old-growth forests also known as “cloud forests”. This essay will provide information on the northern spotted owl and discuss its appearance

  • California Spotted Owl

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    California Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) is a subspecies of the Spotted Owl. They are found in northwestern California, western Oregon, western Washington, and southwestern British Columbia. They live in old growth forests around 200 years old, preferring Douglas-fir and high canopy areas. They are described as medium sized, brown owls with white spots. The California Spotted Owl has a height of about 1.5 feet and a wing span of around 4 feet. The California Spotted Owl is a nocturnal

  • Northern Spotted Owls

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    The northern spotted owl is becoming extinct due to the cutting down of old­growth trees in Washington and other areas. Over 90% of old­growth trees have been lost to logging. This is making it harder for the Northern Spotted Owl to live in it’s natural habitat. The northern spotted owl populations have dropped down to 40­60% in the last 10 years. Northern spotted owls are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and hunt at night. They are medium sized raptors that live in the old growth

  • Northern Spotted Owls Essay

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    Have you ever wondered what a Northern Spotted Owl is? Well then you will want to read this. This will hold information about a Northern Spotted Owls appearance, habitat and diet, and give you some interesting facts about them. First, the Northern Spotted Owls appearance makes it look very much alike to a Barred Owl. It is a medium sized owl, it’s length is 16 to 19 inches, it’s wings are 31/2 inches, and it’s weight is 1 to 11/2 pounds. They have colors from a dark brown to a chestnut brown.

  • Essay Deforestation of The Pacific Northwest

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    near extinction of the Northern Spotted Owl, the "business" aspect of logging versus the environmental aspect, and the role of the government in this problem. In 1973, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed. This enabled the Dept. of Commerce and Dept. of the Interior to place species, either land or marine, as either threatened or endangered. Under these terms species could no longer be hunted, collected, injured or killed. The northern spotted owl falls

  • Northern Spotted Owl Research Paper

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    Northern Spotted Owl “California has it’s own list of endangered species of animals.” Like all states, California is home to many species of animals that are listed and protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. ( The Northern Spotted Owl is one of the three subspecies, a division of a species, of spotted owls. A medium-sized, chocolate brown owl with dark eyes, the northern spotted owl is a nocturnal

  • Essay about Management of Old-growth Forests in the Pacific Northwest

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    Fish and Wildlife Service, under the pressure of environmentalists and scientific studies, listed the spotted owl as a “threatened” species, one step away from “endangered,” and entitled themselves to protecting the owl from hunting, trading, or federal action that could destroy its breeding or feeding grounds (Carey 13). This listing came on the heels of years of extensive studies of the spotted owl and its habitat conducted by environmental groups, the timber industry, and governmental researchers