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  • Analysis Of In Bruges And The Crying Game

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    In Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges and Neil Jordan’s The Crying Game, the concept of guilt and flight are explored. The purpose of this essay is to explore these concepts and the life choices each of the main characters make that ultimately lead to moral dilemmas. This essay will also explore supplementary themes such as conflict, redemption and forgiveness. In Bruges follows two Irish hitmen, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken Daley (Brendan Gleeson). After a completely botched job they performed in London

  • Dancing At Lughnasa Analysis

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    Brian Friel’s play Dancing at Lughnasa uses the effect of absence and presence to create a heartfelt and tense ‘memory play’ set in Ireland in the summer of 1936. Michael lives with his mother and four aunts, along with his Uncle recently returned from Africa. Friel’s choice to have an absence of a strong family unit is important and it will be considered how this sets the tone for the play. Next, this essay will go on to examine the way the characters unfulfilled desires add to the overall effect

  • The Frog And The Scorpion Story In The Crying Game

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    The Frog and the Scorpion story in the Crying game movie Early, in the Crying Game movie by Neil Jordan, Jodi starts telling Fergus a story about two kinds of people in the world, “Those who give and those who take (22.24). Jodi says this at a moment when he is not only kidnap but also hungry. He knows that by telling this story he can make Fergus feed him. Once Jodi gets his food, he persuades Fergus into taking off his hood by continuing the story. The story is about a frog who helps cross the

  • Criminal Liability Of The Scottish Legal System

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    Mens rea, defined by Glanville Williams as “The mental element necessary for a particular crime,” plays a crucial role in determining the criminal liability of the accused in the Scottish legal system, particularly as the mens rea for a crime may not always be wicked as the previously used term “dole” inferred. The mens rea must usually be established in order to convict. Motive however, defined by The Oxford Dictionary as “a reason for doing something,” is not necessarily a compulsory factor, although

  • Analysis Of Mens Rea And Actus Reus

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    an offense: Mens rea and Actus Reus. A person cannot be convicted of a crime unless the key components of both guilty mind and guilty act are present. Therefore, when a criminal offense takes place, two parts of the crime must be proven. Throughout the following essay we will

  • The Element Of Criminal Liability

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    whatever punishment fits the nature of the crime. In this report there will be a discussion on the two element on criminal liability which are as followed Mens Rea (guilty mind) and Actus Reus (guilty act). Different components constitute these elements and are used to make up a crime. However there have been cases were the use of mens rea has very minimal effect and actus reus is the only element proven in the offence. For example; Rape even though it is considered a serious offence, there have been

  • How Do We Justify Imposing Strict Liability for Criminal Offenses

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    How do we justify imposing strict liability for some criminal offences? Strict liability offences are offences which do not require proof of mens rea. This means that the prosecution only needs to prove that the defendant voluntarily committed a forbidden act without considering if the defendant had the intention. Strict liability is contained in statutes or statutory instruments, and occasionally found in common law. Common law offences of strict liability include criminal libel and blasphemous

  • Business Ethics Essay

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    prohibited act is referred to as the actus reus, or guilty act. In some cases an act of omission can be a crime, but only when a person has legal duty to perform the omitted act, such as filing a tax return. State of Mind—A wrongful mental state, mens rea is also typically required to establish criminal liability. The mental state, or intent, is indicated in the applicable statute or law.

  • Difference Between Actus Reus And Mens Rea

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    INTRODUCTION Actus reus and mens rea are the two most fundamental element necessary to prove that a crime is committed However, some crimes such as those which fall under the strict liability category does not require a proof of mens rea. It is said that within the actus reus, there must be both a voluntary act and a consequent result. There are, however, some exceptions to the voluntary act requirement known as omissions. This essay will focus on the duties of care under which the actus reus of

  • Let Ten Guilty Men Go Free Essay

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    Actus reus, the guilty act, and mens rea, the guilty mind. This essay will focus specifically on the mens rea of first-degree murder. Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea or there is no guilty act without a guilty mind. To understand the impact of mens rea on the determination of fault in a criminal case, one must understand the term and its context within the Criminal Code of Canada (hereafter referred to as the C.C.C.) There are four kinds of mens rea direct intent, willful blindness, recklessness