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  • Personal Narrative: Dealing With Dementia

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    I, Deputy Keith Lloyd, was dispatched on 03/12/2017 at approximately 16:36 hours to respond to 513 N Market St, Caldwell, Sumner County Kansas for a domestic disturbance report. I was advised the reporting party stated her step father was supposed to go to her brother in laws residence in South Haven but never went to the house, so when her mother called her step father they found he was at his residence at 218 W Ave E in Caldwell. The reporting party further advised a verbal argument began which

  • Essay On Red Police

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    On the 5th of December, 2017 at 23:52 hours, Sumner County Deputies were dispatched to 1215 N. Oliver Road in Sumner County, Kansas for a domestic disturbance involving a firearm. The calling party identified themselves to dispatchers as Savanna Zimmer. She told the call taker that "dad flipped out". She heard gunshots and heard dad go to the back of the property in the Jeep. Deputy Waldschmidt and I responded to the call. While responding, dispatch updated us. The father returned to the house

  • Police Incident Report Example

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    On 12/09/2017 at 3:18 AM, Sheriff Deputy Colin Crosby and I were dispatched to 908 W Bennett Ct, in Conway Springs, Sumner County, Ks, for a domestic disturbance. Dispatch told us that the distrubance had been physical between a husband and wife, and the two parties were separated by the wife going outside to call 911. While still enroute to the call, dispatch told us that the female was the caller, and she was attempting to keep the male from leaving because he'd been drinking. Before our arrival

  • Reflection On My Visit To Sumner County Jail

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    that I would take it at the last minute because I needed another class to fill the space and because I found the idea of it interesting. While the class is definitely interesting, the best part about the course so far has been our visit to the Sumner County jail. The experience allowed me to see what the lectures and textbook readings look like outside of the classroom, and to see a slice of what its really like inside of a jail. I will be honest; the only knowledge of jail life I had prior to this

  • The Wilmot Proviso And The Civil War

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    The Wilmot Proviso After the Mexican War had ended, a Democratic congressman from PA, David Wilmot, gave a provocative speech to the House that endorsed the annexation of Texas as a slave state on August 8 of 1846. Because Mexico now forbade slavery, Wilmot declared that if any new territory were to be acquired from Mexico, there should be no slavery or involuntary servitude there. His Proviso sparked new political conflict and debate over the extension of slavery and tested the Missouri Compromise

  • Paramount Case Analysis Essay

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    1. WHY IS PARAMOUNT A TAKEOVER TARGET? Paramount is a potential merger target to Viacom and QVC for a few key reasons outlined below: Paramount & Viacom: (1) Synergy creation: The businesses of both companies are famous and highly complementary to each other. (2) Cost reduction: Paramount & Viacom both have economies of scale and are doing business in a similar industry. (3) Addition of enhanced and complementary distribution capabilities, which will significantly increase revenue. (4)

  • The War Of The American Civil War

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    When the American Civil War began in the spring of 1861, those flocking to enlistment stations in states both north and south chiefly defined their cause as one of preservation. From Maine to Minnesota, young men joined up to preserve the Union. From Virginia to Texas, their future foes on the battlefield enlisted to preserve a social order, a social order at its core built on the institution of slavery and racial superiority . Secession had not been framed by prominent Southerners like Robert Toombs

  • U.s. Congressional Reconstruction Era

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    The Reconstruction Era In 1865, the city was devastated because of the crisis that left the civil war. Therefore, political, economic and social issues needed to be resolved to improve and reconstruct the Nation. It was the period in which the State and local governments in the South were restored, and the Southern states were unified to the rest of the States. This essay emphasizes the differences between congressional and presidential reconstruction. Also, it highlights the achievements and success

  • How Did The Radical Republican 's Rise For The Failure Of The Post Civil War Reconstruction?

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    The investigation will explore the question: How did the Radical Republican’s rise to power contribute to the failure of the post-civil war reconstruction? The time between 1863, when Lincoln passed the ten percent act, until the year 1877, when reconstruction was officially ended, will be evaluated with information provided by the sources. The investigation will specifically look to how the Lincoln assassination allowed for the rise in the Radical Republican Party from 1866 to 1868 and the party’s

  • Reconstruction: A Story of Limited Success Essay

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    wanted to help all of the near four million slaves who were now free men after the war. They felt these “men” needed protection, and it was their job to do so. There were three main Radical Republican leaders. These men were Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, and the formally inaugurated president Andrew Johnson. Thaddeus Stevens, a political man, held a place in the House of Representatives. His main concern was the economic opportunity for slaves. Stevens wanted them to be able to make a living on