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  • Donald Trump Political Address Social Address

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    Throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he has made sexist, racist, xenophobic, and hateful statements. Trump’s statements have resonated with many right-winged supporters and they have decided to act upon this rhetoric that expresses hatred and violence towards this group that they refer to as the “others.” Now that Trump is president, these alt-right groups, white nationalists, are using demonstrations, riots, and terrorism to promote hate and discriminatory ideals. These white nationalists

  • Hate And Supremacism

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    When Hate and Supremacism Take Over As the world continues to change rapidly and advance forward, there remain groups of people who are and will continue to be unable to partake in the fruitful future, suffering time and time again from the cruelness of the modern world. As expected, these people have developed ways to deal with this onslaught of oppression, much to the expense of the rest of the world. In Age of Anger: A History of the Present by Pankaj Mishra, the author argues that the world

  • Police Brutality

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    Police brutality towards African Americans in the United States has become an issue. However, the continue of police brutality remains difficult. In historical events of society harming African American of police brings back in time into slavery. Now in today's world, we have technology that shows police killing and hurting African Americans and are recorded for showing social media. People record for public investigation and depletion. The ability to these videos has led extraordinary public discussion

  • Persuasive Essay On Safe Space

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    In reference to safe spaces, John Cleese once said: “The idea that you have to be protected from any kind of uncomfortable emotion is what I absolutely do not subscribe to.” Likewise, I can agree that individuals should be subjected to some unpleasant emotions in order to become stronger, and more resilient towards the harsh world around us today. Then again, what if this emotion you feel becomes crippling, and causes you to live a dejected life? Well, that’s where a definitive line should be drawn

  • The Importance Of Free Speech

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    Free speech is as synonymous with America as the bald eagle, Old Glory or a slugfest on the gridiron. However, this seemingly inborn right most Americans take for granted has fallen under attack in recent years. The attack on free speech has come directly from the left, and is focused squarely on free speech as it relates to conservative voices. The limitation on such speech seems to only apply when the ideas expressed differ from those on the left. At least this appears to be the case when it comes

  • The Empire Of Illusion : The Art Of Deception?

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    The art of deception is an essential skill, especially in moments such as political debates and commercial promotions. In today's society, artifice is a widely utilized skill to persuade the public. The commercial market connects producers to consumers through propaganda which appeals to consumers through elements such as pathos, ethos, and logos. Utilizing these elements, the audience is immediately drawn into the viewpoint of the deceiver. Politicians tried to appear as ordinary and modest as possible

  • Racism In Racism

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    Racism is not new in the West. For that matter, more or less, in other parts of the world as well. But let me focus on the West, where racism has returned with a vengeance once again. As in the past, this racism will end in tear and bloodshed as well.  There was a time when Westerners treated non-Whites as sub-human. They liquidated the locals in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, and so many other countries and appropriated from themselves everything the locals had. So the Red Indians, Aborigines

  • Supremacism In On The Subway

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    "On the Subway" is a truly supremacist lyric since it is looking at a dark man and a white ladies in various angles. This woman is strolling in the metro and sees a dim cleaned man in a hoodie and he was additionally destitute. She begins to state that she feels that he is an unsafe man for reasons unknown; moreover, she has an inclination that she will be robbed by him. "He has the casual cold look of a mugger, alert under hooded lids." This is a bigot comment towards the dark man who was simply

  • Persuasive Essay On Accepting The Truth

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    Considering the world is in constant conflict within individual countries and across the globe, accepting the truth is necessary towards the search for solutions. Conflicts exist over economics, politics, and social issues and their outcomes, which compromise global stability. To believe and act on the truth, society cannot afford to gloss over it. Therefore, it is essential to our survival that the truth is uncovered and faced with courage, tolerance and perseverance. The truth cannot be glossed

  • Causes Of Racism In America

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    Since 1492 when Columbus arrived in the Americas, there has been a monumental clash between races. Columbus enslaved and mutilated native people, anti semitic Hitler believed that the aryan race was superior to all other races and that Jews needed to be deported or killed. The reason that racism is still around today, especially in America, is because of how it began. It has been passed down through generations and when whites don’t feel like they have everything they want, the other races get blamed