Persuasive Essay On Accepting The Truth

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Considering the world is in constant conflict within individual countries and across the globe, accepting the truth is necessary towards the search for solutions. Conflicts exist over economics, politics, and social issues and their outcomes, which compromise global stability. To believe and act on the truth, society cannot afford to gloss over it. Therefore, it is essential to our survival that the truth is uncovered and faced with courage, tolerance and perseverance. The truth cannot be glossed over, as that would diminish the importance and immediate attention it deserves. If it gets overlooked, then those involved with the situation would think it is not a big deal and continue to behave wrongly, as they are not condemned for their actions. By explaining the truth as it is, we will be able to see the world in a different light and can move towards fixing it. One specific example is the racially motivated riot that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia during the weekend of August 11-12. There, a group of white supremacists held a rally in hopes t convince the city to prevent the removal of a statue of Robert Edward Lee, an American general who was racist, as well as abusive towards African Americans. Originally a peaceful rally, fights broke out when counter-protesters arrived. The fight left 14 individuals from either side injured. As well, in another incident, a white supremacist purposely injured over 15 counter-protesters, as well as killing one by car crash. By not

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