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  • Mik Synagogue Research Paper

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    The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue is significant because of its ability to withstand the test of time and be able to maintain its purpose for all those years. While also being able to coincide with adaptions in culture and still accommodate, and appeal to its Jewish Community. The Curaçaoan Synagogue’s history starts in Spain. After the Spanish inquisition in the 15th centrury, the Jewish community of Spain had gone underground or fled into still tolerant Portugal. After living in Portugal for

  • The Ancient Synagogue : The First Thousand Years

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    stable sanctuary for prayer, community activities, and intellectual stimulation. This sanctuary is often named the Synagogue but takes on many other names such as the shul and the temple. Through the Synagogue the Jewish people have been able to continue to develop their culture, community affairs, and provide a safe intellectual home for all friends and followers of Judaism. Synagogues became predominant after the demise of the great Temple in Jerusalem around 70 AD They became prominent in many

  • Letter Of The Jewish Community Center

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    Zakhele Thwala Dr. Stigner REL 231 02 December 2015 MY Visit To A Jewish Synagogue The Washington, D.C. Jewish community Center, which is part of the Judaism faith, is located at DuPont Circle 1529, 16th Street, NW, Washington DC, 20036. On November 13, 2015, I visited the Shabbat Shalom service, which is usually held on Friday evening at 6.00 P.M. Personally, I am a Christian by religion, my active involvement in church activities started at the early age of 16 years and ever since my faith have

  • Our Snoa Analysis

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    Originally they were modelled after the ones is Amsterdam, so they were left in natural wood stain but nowadays they are painted white. Father Eeuwens states that the Board of the Synagogue decided to paint the mahogany ceilings and balconies white, because they were receiving complaints from members that the synagogue was too dark and somber because of all the dark mahogany. The space today feels more open and bright, but the authors of ‘Our “Snoa”’ argue that the natural, rich colors of the mahogany

  • Economics in the United Methodist Church

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    Many churches are experiencing economic hardships at this time, and the Methodist church is no exception. In addition to drops in attendance over the last half century, Religion News reports “The percentage of a church member’s income given to the church dropped to 2.3 percent in 2011 (the latest year for which numbers are available), down from 2.4 percent in 2010, according to the Empty Tomb study.” (Burgess) Because of this, many churches are feeling the strains of limited funds. But, there are

  • Religion : A Cultural System Of Behaviors And Practices, World Views, Ethics, And Social Organization

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    For my religious field trip I went to a Jewish Synagogue in center city with my roommate, and I also watched a full video of a young girl’s bat Mitzvah to get a better understanding and for this report I am going to talk about the overall experience, what it meant to me going to a different religion’s service, what I saw and noticed to be different or unique, and then I will compare it a little to my own religion. So to start this I think it would be appropriate to first ask the question what is

  • Synagogue Reflection

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    Upon entering the general area of the synagogue, it looked like a school or a daycare, and then entering they had a simple directory for the main office for the school they held. When entering the building they had three areas where service could be held. When asked we were led, to what appeared to be, the smallest of the service rooms. Before entering the service they had a mini gallery of art pieces, such as sculptures, paintings, and specially designed emblems that they used for worship. On the

  • Synagogue Visit

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    The Synagogue or Beit Knesset, the Jewish house of worship, is a very intriguing and complex institution, and when conducting a tour, it requires a great amount of knowledge for the tourist who have never visited a Synagogue, to have an adequate understanding of the institution. Being enrolled in Religious Studies 217, I have gained a lot of knowledge that allow me to believe that I would be a very informative and enlightening tour guide. When conducting a tour of a Synagogue, I would inform my tourist

  • Synagogue Observation

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    From all the clubs and organizations I am associated with, I consider the National Conference of Synagogue Youth my favorite extracurricular activity for the past three years. The National Conference of Synagogue Youth is a club that is growing internationally, especially when I was president last year for Dallas. The local club I was managing started off with a population in the low twenties to the mid-thirties with the help of popular events I created with the board and friends associated. For

  • What Is A Synagogue

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    interaction is evident in the commandment to sanctify the Sabbath, with God and the Israelite people acting in tandem to realize the holiness of this occasion. God shows the way and Israel follows. Synagogue is a holy place dedicated to the glory of God. If prayers are to ascend to heaven, the synagogue must reflect sanctity and humility. God has chosen Israel, both land and people, to be witnesses and a testing ground for God to reveal His holiness in the world and through them the ultimate purpose