Tables of historical exchange rates to the USD

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  • Impact of Exchange Rates on Banking Index

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    RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Objectives- 1. To investigate the impact of exchange rates on Banking Index. 2. To know the intensity of relationship between exchange rate and BSE Bankex. Research Design- Exploratory research design Sampling Design- Secondary data acquired from BSE site and Sample selection - The sample selection for this study will include all the banking companies listed on the BSE Bankex. Sample Size- 520 Data Collection- The study will be using mainly secondary

  • The Presidential Election : President Obama Is The First African American President

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    president. Panel B of Table 1 reports results of arbitrage computation for the 2008 US presidential election. As we can observe from Panel B of Table 1, we do not see any positive return both from USD to GBP and from GBP to USD. Only one positive return appears in 3 months’ forward rates for both USD to GBP and GBP to USD. When we look at the average arbitrage opportunity for different maturities, the average arbitrage opportunity of USD to GBP is smaller than that of GBP to USD in 3 out of 4 different

  • Inter Dependency Between Gold Price Trend And Value Of Indian Rupees

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    **G.Vimalkannan. *Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce PeriyarUniversity, Tamil Nadu, India. **M.Phil., ResearchScholar, Department of Commerce, PeriyarUniversity, Tamil Nadu, India. ABSTRACT Key words: Gold price trend, USD fluctuation, Exchange rate, Rupeesvolatility, Goldsupply. Introduction The prices of gold and the US dollar share different relationships in different circumstances. Gold is considered to be a hedge against inflation, recession, and other times of uncertainties

  • Impact of Yuan Appreciation

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    612-49215034 Fax: 612-49216919 Email: Abstract Since the beginning of the economic reform process in 1979, the Chinese currency (yuan) was devalued on many occasions until 1994 when the two-tier foreign exchange system was ended. While the official rate of yuan had been maintained constant over seven years since 1998, the pressure on the revaluation of yuan intensified. After years of speculation and hearsay, China finally revalued the RMB by 2.1% in July 2005. There are arguments

  • Why A Currency Board Is A Rule Based Monetary Institution

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    Hence, some people supported that the currency boards is out of the centre stage with losing its practical importance on the basis of historical experiences. However, Kwan and Lui (1999) did not share the identical view with these people. They argued that the currency boards begin to attract widespread attention due to the effect on maintaining stable exchange rate, which is a significant feature to confront the global financial crisis. Because of this characteristic, Argentina (1991), Estonia (1992)

  • How Theu.s Dollar Became The World's Most Dominant Reserve Currency

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    If Sweden, for example, buys goods from China, the goods can be paid with American dollars instead of Swedish Krona. The methodological approach to address how, when and why the dollar became the world’s reserve currency will be supported by a historical and statistical analysis. With a better understanding on how the U.S dollar become the most powerful currency we can advance to understand the cost and benefits of it.

  • Determining The Cost Per Hour Difference Between A Minimum Wage

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    Cornwall and Pittsburgh will be covered in this report. The report will make the use of exchange rate for comparing the difference in wages in two countries now and after the completion of 5 yrs. An employee working anywhere across the globe, the employer is required to offer certain benefits to the employee for his economic and social welfare. The report will be covering all those

  • Examine the Factors That Determine the Price of Oil in the Market. How and to What Extent Could Government Policies Affect Oil Prices?

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    ------------------------------------------------- * * Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1 Objective 3 2 Introduction 4 3 Analyze Current prices of oil 5 4 Factors determine the price of oil 7 4.1 Demand and Supply 7 4.2 Exchange Rate 9 4.3 Location 9 4.4 Government policies affect oil prices 9 5 Factors that Determine Market Oil Demand 10 5.1 The price of the main product 10 5.2 The price of

  • Hedging Currency Exposures in a Multinational Corporation

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    ABSTRACT OF THE MASTER’S THESIS Financial theory offers several rationales for financial risk management. Hedging enables firms to maintain their access to internal funds as well as reduces the costs of financial distress. The theoretical framework offers, however, few tools for currency risk identification and for choosing a proper hedging instrument. This Thesis seeks to help firms manage risks better by defining the currency risk exposures of a multinational corporation, by describing their

  • Historical Background Of The American And Vietnamese Stock Markets Essay

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    and introduction to the research The stock market, which comprises various stock exchanges, plays a leading role in the function of the financial market (Dziawgo, 2012, p.60). Since there are a great number of issues such as stock market crashes and the bursting of other financial bubbles, Vietnam still has a number of crucial challenges to attend to. In this research project, the researcher will outline the historical background of the American and Vietnamese Stock markets, and investigate the major