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  • Character Analysis Of Tally Youngblood

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    Dynamic Character: Tally Youngblood The Uglies is a dystopian novel about a young girl living in a futuristic society with a very controlling government. Scott Westerfeld’s character, Tally Youngblood, is the protagonist of his novel. Tally changes and progresses as her story is told, making her a very dynamic character. As you read you discover that she an adolescent who is selfish and will do anything to become a “Pretty”, but as her story goes on her traits change from a selfish, immature, and

  • Tally, an Astonishing Character in the Book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

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    Tally is an exceptional character from the book Uglies who captivates everyone's attention with her bold personality. Dr. Cable manipulated her by making her go to Smoke all alone, which was an action of a risk taker. In addition, she accomplished many actions that took true courage while she was running away from Special Circumstances during the Smoke invasion. Along with these positive qualities, Tally is a determined girl who will get what she wants when she puts her mind to it. From all the characters

  • The Importance Of Tally

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    good friend to Tally. Until Shay wanted to leave and never come back to become pretty. Shay wants Tally come with her but she refuse. Leaving was not an option for her because she wants to become pretty like her friends. Before Shay left for her adventurous trip she gave tally a note telling her where she was going to be. She did not tell Tally who she was going to be with at all. Shay gives tally a coded message that told Tally were she was going to be with full detail. But Tally tells Shay that

  • Tally Quotes

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    throughout the story which develops the theme. In the beginning of the novel Tally acted rebelliously due to the fact she snuck out of her house and past her curfew. She went past the iron skeleton of the bridge and across to New Pretty town to see her friend Peris. Unknowingly, she ends up crashing a party since she was an ugly. But at the end of the novel, she is dedicated since Tally decides to rescue the smokies with David. “Tally had memorized the map, but if she made one wrong turn she was toast. Without

  • That Tally Stick

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    special times. In “The Tally Stick”, Jarold Ramsey introduces us to a couple who use a tally stick rather than pictures to represent what is important in their lives. Ramsey takes us from the beginning of the relationship, when the stick is bare, to the end when it is carved end to end. We learn of the outside events that build their love, as well as internal measure, upon which their love is built. According to Ramsey the stick is a part of the couple’s relationship. The tally stick shows that love

  • Tally In Uglies

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    everywhere. In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly. Tally must figure herself out before she undergoes surgery at the age of sixteen to become “pretty”: or what is so called pretty. Tally and Peris are the best of friends, but when Peris becomes pretty, Tally is left to figure out how to survive without anyone to talk to. A wait of three months until Tally finally would get the surgery to become pretty. Throughout this wait, Tally meets a girl named Shay while sneaking out to New Pretty Town

  • The Meaning Of Tally

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    social-encountered situation, and give a new meaning to beauty in itself. In this short chapter, Tally and Shay are making morphs, an early copy of their ‘pretty’ selves before they receive their operation. Though Tally has made her dream morph, and is mentally counting down the days until their operations, Shay is not. In fact, when they were making Shay’s morph, and she suggests that they go hoverboarding instead, Tally insists they have to “get this right”.

  • Tally: A Thematic Analysis

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    power will try and most likely succeed at blinding people to one side of the campaign. Tally is in the future world where the government takes over everything you touch feel and even think. It's not until Tally gets away from the government, she realises that the government has been manipulating her whole life. While Tally is in the city she doesn't see how the government is blinding and overpowering. As Tally starts to see how the government makes her act to her friends, families and others, the

  • Explain The Features Of Tally

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    Features of tally- Some of the features of Tally ERP 9.0 are: 1. Accounting Features: The term Accounting refers to summarizing, recording and classifying monetary transactions in a meaningful manner. In tally we can maintain ledger wise balance and can display net credit and net debit. Tally also offers various options for interest calculation as well. At gateway of tally by Selecting F12: Features button, we get company features menu then by selecting accounting features under that we can find

  • Relationship Between Tally And Peris

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    Tally’s best friend, catches her awareness after he becomes a pretty. The way Tally describes Peris, from his sparkling green eyes to his flawless skin makes it crystal clear that Peris has her heart. When I got the clue Tally had a crush on him, I became furious. All their life, from childhood to teenage years, Tally and Peris were close friends. Therefore, they always had a chance to step up their relationship, but even then Tally showed no interest. Then, boom! Once Peris goes through a procedure that