The Ebony Tower

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  • Ebony In The Ivory Towers

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    Will There Finally be Ebony in the Ivory Towers? The tech industry has been lambasted for the lack of diversity in the major players like Apple, Facebook, and Google, especially for the lack of black and brown personnel in upper management. Spike Lee has recently renewed his cry for a more diverse Hollywood, recently commenting, "It's easier to be the president of the United States as a black person than be the head of a studio [or] network." What about the nation's ivory tower educational institutions

  • Ebony And The Spirit Analysis

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    Firstly, I am going to explore Will Eisner’s depiction of Ebony White, a character from the superhero comic The Spirit. Initially published in newspapers from 1940-1952, The Spirit was a lead feature in a Weekly Comic Book. Ebony White became a recurring character and loyal partner of The Spirit and often proved to be a worthy sidekick for the superhero. Whilst intelligent and loyal, it was his pictorial portrayal and accented vernacular that was a marker of racial stereotype and a cause for controversy

  • Joan Tower Critique

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    The concert that I attended was ‘The Chamber Music of Joan Tower’ which occurred on November 10, 2016. It began at 12:30pm and occurred at the San Jose State University Music Concert Hall. The performers in question ranged from music students to professors. With regards to the venue, it appeared to be an elongated auditorium. There was a singular seating section that encompassed around three quarters of the room. In addition, the seating level was particularly flat in terms of elevation. Minimal

  • Response To Audette's Short Story

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    being skyclad, feet less coldness as time went on. Soon enough they were mounting over another hill when over the horizon came the towering outline of Nox-City with an imposing gatehouse laden with turrets; beyond the gates a vast stone labyrinth of towers stood against the bright sun. Approaching the chunky oak-gates, a metal portcullis lifted. Three hooded figures stood atop the ramparts, looking down from their battlements over merlons. Meliza would have been the first to admit she had no clue how

  • "When the Clock Strikes": A Summary of Tanith Lee's retelling of the children's classic Cinderella tale.

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    "Cinderella" is perhaps the most recognized fairy tale in history, one of the few that spans across generations and cultures. Every prominent culture in the world tells some similar version of this story of a poor girl going from rags to riches; over 700 versions have been accounted for worldwide. In America, numerous authors have penned their own version of the classic folktale. One of these is Tanith Lee, a prolific writer of stories for young adults. Lee cleverly found a way to include all of

  • A Different Snow White Story Essay examples

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    The appearance of Snow White has not changed over the years. She has remained to be “a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood” (Grimm 1884). Although the visible characteristics of her has not changed, the way that it was described has changed. Walt Disney described Snow White as, “lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow” (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937). She is described in the same way in “Mirror, Mirror”. Her age differs in the versions

  • Personal Narrative: The Image Of A Homeless Woman

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    failure; in reality, it conveys success. A gentle hearted woman, Taya, stood on the street corner of downtown New Orleans, blasting notes and gracefully moving her worn fingers along the old clarinet. Her skin was a smooth chocolate. Her hair a dazzling ebony. She emptied her soul and her story through the roar of her instrument. The song told the story of a young woman who had nothing but dreams in her mind. Years of heartache and lost changed nothing in her spirit or her mind about coming to the city

  • Descriptive Essay About The Nyonya Shop

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    Hoon Xin Yu Assignment 2 – The Nyonya Shop (Final Draft) Up close, the shop is surprisingly grand and majestic, unlike the view I had from a distance with its baby-blue and lemon-green pastel exterior reminding me of a newborn’s nursery. Its vivid colours makes it easy to spot along the mundane East Coast Road, but the golden carvings of a wide range of flora and fauna that I now see in fine detail, add to this notion of grandeur. The shades grew bolder as I approach, shifting from the sweet candy-like

  • Metafiction In The Bloody Chamber

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    fairy tales, the politics underlying the re-tellings of fairy tales and the accompanying exclusion. She considers “transformation” as central to the fairy tale genre and points to its importance in the social world (Transformed 3). Just as Bacchilega utilizes transformation—“within the tales’ storyworlds; in the genre’s ongoing process of production, reception, reproduction, adaptation, and translation; in the fairy-tale’s relation to other genres; and more generally as action in the social world”—as

  • Essay On The Desert

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    THE AIR WAS FULL OF SALT and bitter decay, just the same as yesterday. Tonight the stench seemed even more oppressive. Perhaps it was the reek of the bodies they’d stacked up in the tower on the west side of the gate. Or perhaps it was the miasma that bloomed from the Enemy encampment surrounding the walls. Whichever; it made no difference. Stink was stink. Neria Terrant gazed out from the ramparts of Meridan’s fortified outer wall, her stare distant. Her dark hair whipped against her face, tossed