Joan Tower Critique

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The concert that I attended was ‘The Chamber Music of Joan Tower’ which occurred on November 10, 2016. It began at 12:30pm and occurred at the San Jose State University Music Concert Hall. The performers in question ranged from music students to professors.
With regards to the venue, it appeared to be an elongated auditorium. There was a singular seating section that encompassed around three quarters of the room. In addition, the seating level was particularly flat in terms of elevation. Minimal lights were situated above and beside the stage. Furthermore, I could not locate a soundbooth in the auditorium. The stage was extremely wide and had relatively little depth. Additionally, the flooring of the stage consisted of wood. Instruments were …show more content…

During her younger years she spent some time in Southern America, specifically Bolivia. Her father introduced her to music when she was nine years old and subsequently Tower began to play the piano. For the next decade she would progress rapidly and return to the United States to further her study in music at Bennington College, in Vermont. After completing her studies Tower would form Da Capo Chamber Players in 1969. Throughout the late seventies and early eighties she would write a few very successful works for the group, such as ‘Wings’ in 1981. Fast forward a few decades and Tower would reach the pinnacle of her career by winning a grammy award in 2008. The piece which claimed the award was her ‘Made in America’ Concerto for Orchestra, which won in the category of ‘Best Contemporary Composition’. At 78 years old, Tower has had an extraordinary career and is a pillar for every classical musician to aspire to …show more content…

The students and professors exhibited fantastic talent, while it was equally great to have Joan Tower present to introduce her pieces. Incidentally, I am very excited to brag to my friends and parents that I was in the company of a grammy award winning composer. Lastly, although this was my final concert report, I do not plan to halt my classical music experiences. The music is extremely soothing and a great alternative to the widely distributed hip-hop and rap music of our generation. With that being said, in the future I hope to attend and listen to many more classical concerts

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