The Prairie

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  • The Black Tailed Prairie Dog

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    The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog By Audra Robertson Biology Mr.Kopanke The White-Tailed Prairie Dogs By Audra Robertson Family: Prairie Dog Also known as: Cynomys leucurus Conservation Status: Was considered to be Endangered from the Years of 2002 to 2010, in which during this timespan fluctuated back and forth. Habitat: These prairie dogs can be found in the plains and Grasslands of the four states of Utah, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming, meaning that these little guys

  • Black Tailed Prairie Dogs

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    This profile is on the black-tailed prairie dog. It will be introducing their background, life cycle, structure and function, evolution and an additional interest. It will also be going over their unique social structure and the way they form communities called prairie towns, which are a large system of burrows. The importance of burrows, in particular, to the black-tailed prairie dog cannot be overstated. Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs The black-tailed prairie dog’s scientific name is Cynomys ludovicianus

  • Coyote, Skunk, and the Prairie Dogs

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    Coyote, Skunk, and the Prairie Dogs While I find it rather creative to imagine a skunk and a coyote to conspire together to murder prairie dogs and rabbits, and although I feel I am doing a disservice to hundreds of years of Navaho storytellers, I am going to attempt to creatively edit parts of the story “Coyote, Skunk, and Prairie Dogs” as a written works, and retool it so that it makes more sense as a modern children’s fairy tale. Not that children would be interested in a story about killing

  • Little House On The Prairie

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    named Laura who has very specific memories of her young life traveling around the Midwest. In Little House on the Prairie, young Laura and her family leave their cozy home in the woods of Wisconsin to travel into Indian Territory near Independence, Kansas. Pa and Ma are fiercely independent and determined to succeed in their new, completely wild surroundings. Though Little House on the Prairie seems to honestly

  • Essay on Narrative Style of Little House on The Prairie

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    Narrative Style of Little House on The Prairie When you first start reading Little House on the Prairie you notice it is told through the eyes of a little girl named Laura. Her point of view is very realistic and captivating. She pays very close attention to the details of the day to day living and the events that are happening around her. She also notices how the prairie looks and what the weather is like each day. With her descriptions you can picture everything in your mind clearly, and

  • Burrowing owls often live in occupied prairie dog colonies. Researchers have proposed several

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    Burrowing owls often live in occupied prairie dog colonies. Researchers have proposed several theories regarding why this occurs. One reason may be that owls avoid predation because they share many of the same predators with black-tailed prairie dogs and the presence of the prairie dogs helps to reduce predation. Another theory is that the burrowing owls live in active prairie dog colonies in order to listen to the prairie dogs for cues on when a predator is near. This behavior has been documented

  • Manifest Destiny In Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House On The Prairie

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    to the west coast, but the way in which Wilder shows this infant demand for the entire continent seems almost puritan in nature. Through the innocent perspectives of Laura and her siblings, the reader of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie,” is presented with an edited first hand response to the dogmatism of manifest destiny by means of overcoming every obstacle ever so seamlessly and the confusion of why they are allowed to just settle the west under new ownership. This concept of

  • The Painted Door Short Story

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    Sinclair Ross wrote the short story “The Painted Door” in 1939 for Queens Quarterly, a magazine, in Canada. Within the short story Ross emphasized the struggles of experienced by those on the 1930’s Post-Depression Canadian prairie. He does this by describing one day where a farmer named John makes the nineteen-mile march across the snow-covered hills to his father’s home, to make sure he is okay before the blizzard. Meanwhile John’s wife Ann is at home with their young neighbor Steven having dinner

  • The Coastal Plains Of Texas

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    The Coastal Plains of Texas is a large area that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to beyond the Rio Grande. This region can be divided into 5 distinct areas. • PINE BELT: It extends 75 to 125 miles into Texas from the east and from north to south from the Red River to about 25 miles of the Gulf Coast. The Pine Belt is practically the source of all Texas’ timber production. Lumber is the principle industry. The climate is good for a variety of fruits and vegetables. A great oil field discovered in

  • The Importance Of Agriculture In Iowa

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    Before the European settlement of Iowa, the state was a land covered in tall prairie grasses, wetlands, and small forests. The Native Americans thrived on these lands by using pockets of the fertile soil for agriculture and hunting the abundance of wildlife that roamed these plains. By the late 1800s however, the prairie had become farmland and the Europeans had begun their new lives along Iowa’s waterways and railroads. Within a century Iowa’s landscape had changed rapidly due to human activity