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  • Swing Music Essay example

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    Swing Music During the nineteen thirties and nineteen forties a certain style of music became very popular. This style of music became known as "swing". It was performed using rhythmic 'riffs' and is referred to a style of dance and band arrangements. America maintained swing's popularity throughout the World War Two years when both large and small ensembles toured Army and Navy camps both at home and abroad. At home, swing was heard at bond sale rallies and community concerts. The new sub-culture

  • Best Swing Sets For Toddlers

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    Title: best swing sets for toddlers Every child wants a swing set in his or her own backyard, no matter what age he or she is. Going to the playground is fun, but it 's not the same thing as having swings in your own backyard. Your children will great memories of their childhoods if they have their own swing set in the backyard. If you 're looking for a great swing set for your kids to play on, we 've got some great ones for you to choose from. It can be tricky finding the perfect swing set for your

  • Scope Swing Research Paper

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    Rope Swing ¨I´ll kick your teeth in¨ were the words that echoed through all of our minds after we we ran for our lives. Okay maybe not our lives but it was still a very intense situation. It was a warm day in August and a majority of the football team attended the annual CI ranger summer mini camp. It was very hot and humid and we weren't used to wearing football pads, so we were very hot and sweaty. As the first day of minicamp wound down Noah asked us, ¨Do you guys want to go to the rope swing

  • Swing Dance History

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    Single swing is one kind of swing dance that developed with the swing style kind of jazz music in the 1920s-1940s. “Swing” refers to a style of jazz music where the emphasis is on the off-beat part in the music and it influenced the evolution of swing dance because the feeling of the dance was “swinging”. It uses a strong rhythm section that results in more wind and brass instruments. Swing bands also featured soloists who improvised during their performance. Sometimes two or three band members even

  • Bebop : The Influence Of Swing Music And Swing Music

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    revolutionary because its skills and like swing, bebop was still a music that prized virtuosity; if anything, its standards were higher. But were seeing by most people as an outsider’s music steeped in drug abuse and tainted with an atmosphere of racial hostility. It was evolutionary because it firmly placed in the center of jazz tradition while acknowledging that its status was altered to that of self-conscious art music. Bebop doesn’t serve the same social function as swing because jazz music became isolated

  • Swing Kid Sociology

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    In the movie Swing Kids, director Thomas Carter tells the captivating story of two teenagers living in Hamburg, Germany during the period promptly before World War II. Peter and Thomas are Hitler Youth by day and Swing Kids by night. Unfortunately, as time goes by the boys find it difficult to maintain this double lifestyle. As they are sucked deeper and deeper into the Hitler Youth Movement, Thomas becomes committed to the Nazis while Peter takes a stand as a resistor of the Movement. Peter would

  • Swing Dance : The Pleasure, Power, And Art Of Movement

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    One in particular that has interested me the most is swing dance. With family member involvement in the past and having multiple friends take part in the Swing Dance Club here on the Wayne State University Campus for pleasure, enjoyment and social interaction has made me want to go more in depth about it. With the help from academic sources and knowledge from class lectures I will be researching the history of swing dancing, the forms of swing dancing, and what gender roles take place within these

  • The Birth, Life, And Resurrection Of Swing

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    Resurrection of Swing The recent increase in attention to Swing dancing has brought along a sense of nostalgia with it. This pleasant dance movement is largely fueled in part by the images of what would be today’s youth grandparents’ time, which have been passed down. The reality of Swing though was that the true Swing Era of 1935 to 1945 occurred during a time unrest, and was filled with racial tension, war, poverty, adolescent unrest, and gender discrimination. In fact, the era of Swing encompasses

  • Swing Girls Movie Review

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    appearing in commercials, TV shows and all kinds of stage performances. Because the role of jazz in Japan is significant, in the year of 2004, Japan film producers presents a film about a group of high school girls learning Jazz. This is the film “ Swing Girls”. The film itself is simple but calls for deeper thoughts; a group of high school girls accidently food poisoned the school jazz bands. In order to right their wrongs, these girls with one boy have to learn jazz from zero knowledge until they

  • Benny Goodman 's King Of Swing

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    “King of Swing”. A man who owned the American Jazz and an amazing swing musician, clarinetist, and bandleader. This naming him as the infamous “King of Swing”. Goodman led the most popular musical groups known in America. Goodman was recognized as putting the most important jazz concert in history out to the public in 1938. Singlehandedly being the most recognized clarinet player for this era and doing it flawlessly. Many called him "The Professor", "Patriarch of the Clarinet", "Swing 's Senior