The Unknown Man

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  • Compare And Contrast Tom And Gwilan

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    A dim man stood by him. The night was still dark and the wind howled an unforgiving sound. The man reached forward and helped Mark get up. He shrieked in pain. The unknown man angrily shushed Mark. Mark looked back only to see arrows sticking out of the bear’s body as the bear quietly moaned. He was afraid but knew this man saved his life and Mark owed him for it. “Kane” the man said, “my name is Kane.” Mark nodded his head in assuring

  • Eddie's Death: A Short Story

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    comfy white robe. He sees her coming and in a split second he ducks around the corner just as she walks through the dark hall following her own shadow heading to the bedroom. She almost sees him but missed him only by just tenths of a second. The unknown man is standing against the stairway wall with his gun pointed in the pathway of the stairs hoping that Vanessa doesn’t come towards him. He does not want to shoot her but if he has too… Thankfully, instead of coming towards the stairs she turns the

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    both entered the boss's office to discuss what had happened. “Kyle and Mary, I have some bad news,” the boss said. “I know,” I replied. “Me too,” followed Kyle It was about 8:15 when we were at the scene, we concluded that it was a gun that killed the man and the women. It was very foggy, and it was hard to see anything. I imagined how a figure came out of the fog, it gave a chill down my spine. Who can do something like this, I thought. I saw Kyle and the look on his face, I could tell he was as upset

  • The Story Of The Court Story?

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    The unknown man seemed like a vagrant, as the clothes he wore were very ragged and dirty. He had a cur next to him, who looked very sickly and thin, and it started growling at us. The mystery man put his hands forward. "Woah woah woah, no need for that. I was just wondering what you two fellas are doing up here," he said with a strange smile.

  • Personal Narrative-A Woman's Ability To Run?

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    Exiting the pale yellow house with a brick porch, walking on the dead front lawn to the white Subaru Legacy handed down to her from her deceased parents, she noticed a black SUV park a few houses down the street. By the time she was unlocking the car, a man departed the SUV without turning the headlights off, as if he planned on getting back in at a startling speed after collecting something. He was dressed head to toe in black, but, she lacked the ability to make out any facial features while he stood

  • The Tale of the Unknown Island

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    A Critical Analysis of ‘The Tale of the Unknown Island’ by José Saramago. | EN4903 | By Mr Drew Eaglesham | A Critical Analysis of ‘The Tale of the Unknown Island’ by José Saramago. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Kirkus in 2010 called this story ‘a mischievous and thoughtful satire on ruling elites and bold dreamers, cast in the form of revisionist fairy-tale.’ This review could easily be applied to another story of Saramago’s

  • Brief Summary Of Appolon's Notes From The Underground

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    Notes from the underground, is a book about a man who is both physically and mentally confused, unhappy, and lonely. He is a retired government worker who lives in St. Petersburg whose life is consumed with criticizing everything. If the reader is not careful, this book can cause perplexity, because as you read the story you start to contemplate how someone can behave and think as negative as the “unknown man.” Appolon is a worker who resides in the unknown man’s house whom he does not like, but refuses

  • The Unknown Citizen Auden

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    In the poem, “The Unknown Citizen” by W. H. Auden the government tries to commemorate a man they only know the records and documents of. Auden uses irony, symbolism, and the structure of a eulogy to evaluate the disconnect between the government's idea of a model citizen and a person's individuality and personality; that disconnect suggests large government lacks genuine care for its citizens. Essentially, the author includes memories and praises in remembrance of the unknown person to create a

  • Who Is The Unknown Narrator In 'Ambush By O' Brien

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    character analysis of the unknown narrator reveals his ideas and thoughts, his strengths, and his weaknesses. The pressure the unknown narrator goes through brings out his ideas and thoughts. Many thoughts ran through his head including should I kill him and was it alright to kill him. Including the text states “I did not see him as the enemy; I did not ponder issues of morality or politics or military duty” (O’Brien). This shows that he didn’t think before killing the man, but he has internal conflict

  • No News From Auschwitz

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    hurry to get it over with because of how uncomfortable and scary it is. Iyer, Pico. "The Unknown Rebel." Time. Time Inc., 13 Apr. 1998. Web. 05 Jan. 2017. “The Unknown Rebel” is about a man who stood up against violence, risking his life for what he believed in. in this story, the streets in china were invaded by tanks and the people of Tiananmen Square did not know what to do. One man, who remains unknown still, went up and stood before the tanks risking his life to try to stop the violence. The